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Fuego vs Arkansas - Mat Wars 139

$ 31.25

Fuego and Arkansas are comparing who can bounce their juicy pecs better, which turns into who has the better abs...then quads...and calves...and arms. The comparison flexing turns into a wrestling match to find out who's muscles actually perform better. The professional wrestler Arkansas takes full control in the beginning really stretching out Fuego, showing off his well-defined abs and chest. With each stretch, Fuego attempts to power out while Arkansas really works to keep him under him. Eventually a dirty Fuego uses and eye poke to get the opportunity to escape. An angry Arkansas pursues him out poolside and back into the house (cue an appearance from Scrappy). Fuego then begins to use couches to attack Arkansas from the air. Flying leg kicks and acrobatic jumps give Fuego the advantage. Fuego tries to get rid of Arkansas with no mercy, but Arkansas will not give up. Can Fuego's return by taking out the dominator Arkansas? Or will Fuego be put back out of Thunders Arena for good?