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Furball vs Loki - Bodybuilder Battle 198

$ 32.95

Loki is not impressed with the new rookie Furball (as usual it's hard to impress Loki). Loki yanks Furball up in a chest to chest bearhug nearly breaking each and every one of Furball's ribs! Loki drops Furball only for the rookie to come back and put Loki in a bearhug of his own! Loki yells in pain as Furball tightens his grip. Slamming Loki down, Furball jumps on him and locks in a Boston crab submission.

When the two bodybuilders lock back up, Furball locks in a rear choke hold on Loki! Lokie stands with Furball on his back and he will not release the hold! Slamming Loki on the couch, Furball works over Loki's lower back cranking harder and harder. Loki finds his way to his feet and wastes no time lifting Furball over his shoulders in a vicious firemans carry! He drops Furball to the mat and locks in a headscissors using his shredded legs to drain the blood out of Furball's head! Furball is not backing down and breaks out and hitting Loki with an over the knee backbreaker! A back and forth between these two massive bodybuilders begins! Both men use sleeper holds, bearhugs, Full Nelsons, and various power moves to render their opponent helpless. 

Will Loki's experience be enough to take out the rookie Furball? Or will Furball pull off the upset and finish off Loki? Download today and find out!