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Gay Days Part 1 Frey vs Finn McCool vs Steel - Mat Rats 130

Gay Days Part 1 Frey vs Finn McCool vs Steel - Mat Rats 130

$ 25.00
$ 31.25

“I’m gonna make you watch these bad boys”

Finn McCool, wearing some funky shades, and Frey are discussing a recent match, when the conversation turns to Frey’s pet hate of people wearing sunglasses indoors.  Finn objects, saying that he’s wearing them for GayDay!  Frey stands up, pointing to his tight singlet – “Everyone loves a singlet.”  Frey pulls the shades off Finn’s face, throwing them to the floor.  Frey then gouges Finn’s now unprotected eyes!  That was out of line!  Finn recovers and lunges in for a lock-up, but Frey is ready and shoves Finn down to the mat.  “Look at my singlet, it’s the s**t!” “Yeah, it looks like s**t.”  Wow – is Finn trying to goad Frey?  Frey proceeds to choke Finn with his own arm before pulling him up into a surfboard stretch.  Frey wraps his arm around Finn’s neck, squeezing tight and cutting off his breath!  But that’s not enough for Frey – he attacks Finn’s eyes again, causing the young stud to cry out in pain!  Frey drags Finn to his feet and cranks on a reverse bearhug!  The look on Finn’s face tells you how painful this is and how much pressure Frey is pouring into the hold!  Frey SPANKS Finn to distract him, then slaps crunching Full Nelson on the unsuspecting Finn – Frey is obviously in a punishing mood!  An expertly-applied ab stretch has Finn defiant as he flexes whilst weathering the painful hold.  Frey goes for a headlock, but Finn distracts him by pulling his singlet straps down!  Finn catches Frey in a rib-crushing bearhug before throwing him to the mat!  Finn pulls the singlet down further, exposing Frey’s small yellow trunks underneath!  Frey kicks the singlet off and hoists Finn up over his shoulders, before slamming him to the mat and clawing his pecs.

Suddenly, Frey is blindsided by the mighty Steel, who has been watching from the sidelines!  Steel clamps a deadly sleeper hold on Frey, his massive bicep digging into Frey’s neck!  Frey is out – or is he?  Steel goes to check that Frey is asleep when the wily veteran’s hand shoots out at Steel’s balls!  An incensed Frey locks on a front facelock as the now forgotten Finn gets out of their way, thankful for the distraction!  But Steel escapes Frey’s hold, clamping on a reverse bearhug to weaken him, then firing a shot into Frey’s balls!  What is it they say about turnabout being fair play?  Frey recovers, but Steel capitalises, stepping over his shoulders for his signature Standing Headscissors!  Steel topples to the mat, with Frey still trapped, but Frey is no rookie and manages to escape, grabbing Steel’s leg in the process and torqueing the knee!  Steel writhes in pain, but to no avail as Frey slaps on a headscissor of his own!  Steel manages to roll out of it, getting behind Frey and slapping on another sleeper – in desperation, Frey RAMS his forearm up between Steel’s legs!  Frey applies a sleeper of his own on the bodybuilder, but it’s not enough – Steel muscles out and manoeuvres Frey into a schoolboy pin!  Steel flexes over his prey and starts to work on Frey’s arm, but Frey trips the musclehunk to the mat!  Then a curveball – Frey offers to team up with Steel to beat up on Finn!  Steel is sceptical at first, but eventually agrees and turns toward Finn.  Big Mistake, Steel!  Frey jumps up on the bodybuilder’s back and goes for a sleeper, but Steel grabs hold of his head and THROWS him over his shoulder to the mat!  Steel is MAD!  He stomps Frey into the mat and applies a devastating camel clutch, every MASSIVE MUSCLE on his body standing out in stark relief!  Steel taunts Frey as he slowly applies another Standing Headscissor – “When I first came to Thunder’s, I was kinda afraid of you – now you’re just a little bitch!”  Steel’s quads billow as he crushes Frey’s head and neck, but Steel isn’t satisfied yet – he has a LOT more in store for Frey!

Will Frey survive against the power of Steel?  Can he come back and regain his dignity?  Or will the bodybuilder put Frey away?  The action is non-stop as Steel is relentless in his beatdown!  Frey is FORCED to worship Steel’s incredible muscles!  You DEFINITELY want to add this incredible match to your collection!