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Gay Days Part 2 Frey vs Scrappy vs Mark Muscle - Mat Rats 131

Gay Days Part 2 Frey vs Scrappy vs Mark Muscle - Mat Rats 131

$ 31.25

“Bring back-up in like that again and I promise you – I will destroy you!”

Scrappy is back from GayDay, flexing and bragging about how he’d been charging people for pictures!  Clad in tiny yellow trunks, Scrappy shows off for the camera, his hard work in the gym clearly evident!  Frey, in a tight red singlet, overhears Scrappy and asks who would pay $10 for a picture?  Scrappy’s ego rises – he says that Frey should be paying him right now to wrestle with him!  Frey responds with a quick-fire shot to Scrappy’s midsection then hoists him over his shoulder into a modified choke lift! Frey slams Scrappy down to the mat and flips him over into an excruciating Boston Crab!  “I’m gonna make you pay when I get outta this!”  Frey decides to give Scrappy that chance, releasing the Crab.  “Alright, make me pay.”  Scrappy charges in for a bearhug, lifting Frey clear off the mat – but Frey counters with a forearm across Scrappy’s face!  Frey’s pecs bulge out of the singlet as he yanks back on Scrappy’s arm.  Frey cranks the hold and, to add humiliation to the punishment, yanks a handful of hair from Scrappy’s armpit!  That’s just harsh!  Frey attacks Scrappy’s traps with claws and blows, causing the musclestud to cry out in agony!  A low blow from Frey has Scrappy writhing on the mat, but Frey keeps up the attack!  Frey goes for Scrappy’s legs, looking to damage to the cocky stud and bring him down a peg or two!  Frey switches to a Standing Headscissor, pulverising Scrappy’s skull!  Scrappy tries to get to his feet, but Frey keeps kicking him down.  Frey drives an elbow into Scrappy’s balls, following up with heel kicks!  A brutal eye gouge has Scrappy screaming!  Frey unleashes every dirty move in his arsenal as he works over and punishes the suffering superstar.  Scrappy is in serious trouble when suddenly, Mark Muscle comes in with the rescue!  Mark, who has been watching the proceedings from the back, shoves Frey off of Scrappy before retreating back off the mat.

Scrappy goes right back to flexing, pushing Frey away – Frey responds with a VICIOUS kick to Scrappy’s midsection!  If Frey was angry before, that was nothing compared to now – he throws Scrappy around and wraps him up in a crushingly tight Full Nelson, before literally throwing him to the mat.  Again Mark Muscle comes in for the save!  Frey is incensed, slapping a rear bearhug on Scrappy before slamming his face down HARD into the sofa!  Frey locks up Scrappy’s arms, leaving his chest and abs wide open.  Mark Muscle comes back onto the mat, but this time he’s not there to help – he drills fist after fist into Scrappy’s vulnerable abs!  But when Frey is distracted, Mark shoves him in the face, sending him flying down to the mat!  Mark turns to Scrappy – “What are you doing here? You’re my bitch.”  Scrappy is defiant. “Who says I’m your bitch?” “I do. I own you – you don’t wrestle other people.”  The hulking bodybuilder decides to teach his boy a lesson, wrapping his massive arm around Scrappy’s neck in a devastating Sleeper hold!  “Don’t forget who your master is! I’m going to punish you for this one – have to teach you a lesson…”  Mark Muscle slams Scrappy over his knee in a backbreaker, forcing Scrappy to beg and scream out his submission!  The bodybuilder flexes for the camera, then hauls Scrappy up off the mat, carrying him to another room for his punishment – taking you with him to witness what he has in store…