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Geo and Ken vs Braden Charron - Bearhug Challenge 05B

Geo and Ken vs Braden Charron - Bearhug Challenge 05B

$ 34.75

New, never before seen, except inside Thunder TV! Bearhug Challenge series now comes out on DVD and download, watch it and own it! Braden Charron does a double bearhug to both Ken and Geo at the same time! Zman gets his rib broken he gets bearhugged so hard! don't miss this action... In one of the Arenas most controversial matches, a Bear Hug Challenge ends with a 9-1-1 call. What could the Z-Man be thinking in bandying with his pal Rambo, a man who outweighs him by over 30 pounds, every bit of it muscle? But Zack has gone toe to toe with giants before, often with amazing success. But Z-Man cannot even lift Rambo off the ground. That all you got? the big man asks derisively. Given his turn, Rambo twists and shakes Zack like a raggedy doll, exerting grinding, punishing pressure to the models ribs and spine. In the end, Zack lies crumpled on the paving stones, writhing on his back, barely conscious as he clutches his ribs. Rambo laughs at him at first, but when he realizes the roughhouse may have gone too far, he pleads with him to get back up. Crew members rush to the rescue in a climax that is more real than we like, having prided ourselves for years on our zero-injury record. The usual 10-minute time limit extends to 15 minutes for this three-man Bear Hug Challenge. Braden Charron stacks more muscle than both his opponents Geo and Ken put together. He elects to sit back, hands behind his head, and let the two smaller guys wear each other out before stepping in to finish them off. All three newcomers have a lot to prove to the fans, none more than the newest of the three, Ken. When Ken refuses to submit to Geos punishing grip, Braden rushes in and squeezes him dry like a tube of toothpaste. Then he tosses him aside and goes after Geo, while Ken cheers Geo on from the sidelines. In time, Geo and Ken figure out that they might be able to cooperate with each other to bring the muscle god down to their level. But that alliance proves sketchy when Braden demonstrates that he can bear hug the two of them together at the same time!