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Gino vs Bull - Bodybuilder Battle 150

Gino vs Bull - Bodybuilder Battle 150

$ 25.95

Hold on tight as these 260lbs behemoths are about to COLLIDE in a massive strength battle! Bull flexes his shredded muscles for the fans as the arrogant rookie joins in eclipsing him from the camera's view. "Step back!" orders the vet SHOVING the hairy hulk aside. "They said they wanted someone big to film with; I got this. You look kinda new at this!" mocks Gino. "I'm right here; show me what you got!" challenges Bull as the mountains of muscle flex and compare their powerful pythons and tree-trunk legs fighting for the spotlight. "There's only one way to solve this: arm wrestle!" declares the vet. "I hope you like losing!" threatens Gino as both juggernauts lock up; their massive arms begin to SHAKE under the intense pressure. "You're stronger than you look!" groans Bull barely holding on as the rookie takes round one. "That's my weak arm!" excuses the vet as the titans switch arms, and he takes round two. Round three gets even hotter: grunting, groaning, veins pumped to the max! Their 20inch arms seconds away from snapping, the Italian giant finally SLAMS Bull's arm down for the win, "I told ya; you're no match for me!" "Arm wrestling doesn't mean s**t!" declares the chiseled vet challenging the newb to a full nelson battle, "I'm gonna let you go first; I'm not worried!" Gino quickly wraps the shredded beast up ROCKING him side to side as he groans in pain, "Had enough yet?" "That's not too bad; let me show you how it's done!" A surge of strength has Bull flexing out of the behemoth's grip locking in a tight full nelson of his own. "Ahh it hurts!" screams Gino; his furry frame STRETCHED to its limits ready to rip apart! "Let me show you how to really dig in!" threatens Bull cranking even tighter as the rookie crumbles to his knees. Pinned up tight, the pressure on his neck has the big man seconds away from passing out! "You ready to give up? You're f***ing done!" Unable to handle the EXCRUCIATING pain, the Italian giant taps out collapsing to the mat completely winded. "I told you!" flexes the rock-hard vet. "That's a girl move; I'm gonna show you a man's move! Try and give me a bearhug; you probably can't do it!" taunts Gino recovering to his feet. "If you wanted a hug, you could of just asked!" Bull wraps the hairy hulk up in a powerful belly to belly bearhug as he groans in pain, "Come on man's moves, say you give up!" "No!" The Italian giant strains but narrowly pries apart the vet's viselike grip to escape. "I just wanted to see what you got; I'll show you how it's done!" Gino barrels in with a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug; his meaty arms dig deep in Bull's shredded frame! "I'm gonna break you in half! Give up!" orders the behemoth. "Don't f***ing do it!" pleads the vet; his back bent over backwards nearly broken in two as he gasps for air. "Come on, you're almost there. Tap!" Barely breathing, the 260 pounder goes limp in the tight embrace and submits, "I quit!" before collapsing to the mat. "This is what a true champion looks like! Had enough?" flexes Gino with a beefy double bicep. "You're pretty strong, but we haven't done anything with the legs!" challenges Bull peeling himself up off the floor. "I'm gonna break you in half with my legs too!" threatens the Italian giant as the heavyweights drop down for a body scissors competition with the rookie going first. "Have you started yet? I'm just gonna sit here and take a nap!" mocks the vet sending Gino into a rage SQUEEZING his tree trunk quads even tighter, "You can tell I squat 1000lbs can't you?" "Bulls**t!" groans the shredded vet breaking away for a scissors of his own, "I'm about to show you a man's move; I'm gonna break that rib cage!" Bull FLEXES his quads of steel tighter and tighter as the hairy hulk screams in agony gasping for air! "You done yet? Let me lock that in just a little bit deeper!" Gino's ribs begin to splinter as he feverishly taps out, "I give up!" but the ruthless vet doesn't let go. "Say it louder!" demands Bull reveling in his torture before leaving the motionless behemoth on the mat. You think it's all over, but it only gets worse with a battle of SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! "I'm just gonna put you to sleep right now and pop your f***ing head! Your face is turning red!" threatens Bull. "You're not gonna be able to hear anything soon; you're gonna lose!" threatens Gino. One of these mountains of muscle is SQUEEZED so hard they are forced to submit before passing out! Who is stronger and what surprise finish does the winner have in store? You gotta see it to find out!