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Gino vs Dom9 - Bodybuilder Battle 168

Gino vs Dom9 - Bodybuilder Battle 168

$ 34.75

Cracked skulls, broken ribs, BREATH-TAKING knockouts, it's a battle for the strongest quads in this brutal scissors war! The titans stand toe to toe comparing squats, flexing their tree-trunk quads. "Grade A beef, it's all about the thickness!" taunts Dom9 with a 1,000lbs squat. "That's pretty f**king weak. I do a 2,000lbs squat in my sleep!" brags Gino. The vet calls the hairy hulk a liar as they decide to settle the score once and for all in a test of strength. Dropping down first, the Italian giant is wrapped in SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors; the pressure builds as Dom9 slaps his quads of steel rattling the behemoth's brain, "Just f**king quit!" Groaning in pain, Gino is taken to the mat in the brutal hold, "No!" as the master of pain transitions to a vicious leg sleeper, "Fine, I'll just f**king pass you out!" Coughing to breathe, the 260lbs goliath grows limp; his mounds of beefy muscle WEDGED deep between his captor's killer quads as he passes out in Dom9's lap. "What the hell happened?" asks the groggy giant waking up. "Shake the f**king cobwebs out!" mocks the master of pain; the giant struggling to get up. Hungry for revenge, Gino wraps his furry tree-trunk quads around the shredded vet with a CRUSHING standing head scissors of his own. In agony, Dom9 tries desperately to pry apart the giant's viselike grip only fueling his rage. "Don't even bother trying!" yells the behemoth YANKING his victim's arms nearly out of the socket before dragging him down to the mat, "Turn that up a little bit! Having fun yet? Give up!" The blood rushing from his brain, the master of pain can no longer handle the EXCRUCIATING pain and taps out clutching his aching skull. "Knew that was gonna happen!" flexes the heavyweight towering over his fallen prey. Tied up, the muscle hulks decide to battle in body scissors as Gino drops to his knees letting his opponent go first. Dom9 violently pulls the heavyweight back in PULVERIZING body scissors squeezing his ribs harder and harder, "F**king tap; you're done!" Screaming in pain, the behemoth's powerful python and granite-slab leg are STRETCHED out in the same brutal hold; his bones beginning to splinter, Gino feverishly submits, "I give!" "That's how you make that money right there!" declares Dom9 flexing his quads of steel. The hairy hulk clutches his injured ribs and slowly peels himself up off the mat struggling to breathe, "I never give up! Let's see if you can take this; get down!" orders Gino ENGULFING his tiny prey in grueling body scissors pulling him on top of his furry, beefy muscles. A struggle ensues as the behemoth tries pinning back his rock-hard arms, but Dom9 flexes out. His blood boiling, the hairy hulk SQUEEZES even harder locking him up for good, "Can't breathe? Give up; don't make me crush you in half!" Nearly passing out, the master of pain taps out rolling to his stomach as the 260 pounder DRIVES his foot in his chiseled back flexing his hulking frame. Dom9 struggles to his feet asking the goliath if he wants to call it a truce. "You think you're done? You still gotta go through a bearhug!" challenges Gino wrapping his powerful pythons around the reluctant vet in BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug shaking him like a rag doll! "Ahh s**t!" screams Dom9 gasping for air surprising the hairy hulk with MID-AIR body scissors taking him down to the mat. "There we go; I ain't trying to lift your fat a** up!" mocks the master of pain. Face first, Gino screams in agony CLAWING at the mat to escape the unbearable scissors; his strength fading, he is forced to tap out. "Bet you thought you almost had me!" taunts Dom9; the heavyweight rising to his feet completely gassed. Hold on tight as these muscle hunks fight to squeeze every last breath from their victim's lungs! A DEVASTATING leg sleeper, sharp knee to the ribs, and vicious belly to back bearhug lead to a heart-pounding finish! "Not so tough now huh? Take those last breaths!"