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Gino vs Gunnar - Bodybuilder Battle 149

$ 31.25

Get ready for domination, beefy muscle, and some of the HOTTEST bearhugs you have ever seen! "It's been a while, but last time I checked we don't wrestle here in our underwear!" taunts Gunnar as the new 260lbs behemoth flexes and pec bounces his boulder size chest. "I don't know; this isn't like 1962. What are you like some old man? Get with the times!" mocks Gino. "A sexy a** old man, this is a classic!" brags Gunnar snapping his singlet against his rock-hard frame. "Look at you, big teddy bear in your underwear, pillsbury doughboy!" pokes the vet. "You gotta stay nice and warm; I'm from the north!" "Let's see how strong you are!" challenges Gunnar as the beasts lock up in a massive mercy challenge. Their powerful biceps strain under the intense pressure pushing each other around. Gunnar breaks away first DRIVING his shoulder into the big man's abs, lifting him in a shoulder carry, and slams him down! Dazed, the muscle beast stretches Gino out CHOPPING his furry pecs with his meathook hands as he moans in pain. "Turn your big a** over!" orders the vet rolling the behemoth into a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab as he claws the mat in agony. "Nice deep stretch, oh yeah!" The muscle monster is winded struggling to his feet while Gunnar peels down his singlet; his beefy frame dripping with sweat. A second mercy challenge has the vet charging in hoisting the 260 pounder up in a massive belly to belly bearhug SHAKING him around as he groans in pain; his legs nearly give out before the hairy hulk crumbles to the mat. "Man, you're one heavy mother f***er; you know that?" gasps Gunnar trying to catch his breath. "I'm surprised you can pick me up!" "Surprised? You see this s**t!" flexes the muscle beast over the fallen giant. Gino recovers and ENGULFS the vet in a brutal belly to belly bearhug; his mounds of beefy muscle squeeze the air from his lungs as his ribs begin to splinter! "F**k, I can't breathe!" screams Gunnar. "I'm gonna break you in half!" threatens the giant; his victim becomes limp and collapses. Gino straddles the motionless vet flexing his boulder biceps; the camera zooms in on his furry frame close enough you could reach out and touch it! Dropping down, the muscle monster CLAWS and TWISTS Gunnar's meaty pecs as he howls in pain. "Come on; just tap out! You can't handle it!" "Let go! Who the f**k does this?" Full of rage, the beast explodes LAUNCHING the 260 pounder across the mat and mounts his abs, "Let's see how you like it!" The vet retaliates with the same horrific torture and wraps his quads of steel around the giant in a crushing head scissors, "You wanna see some f***ing powerful legs?" Gino groans in pain nearly passing out as Gunnar flexes and SLAPS his killer quads over and over! "Ahh my head!" groans the behemoth clutching his aching skull as he's let go barely able to stand up. The muscle beast turns his back flexing for the camera and is yanked into a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "Think you can get out of that? Give up!" orders the behemoth. "I never f***ing tap!" groans Gunnar taken to his knees for a crushing sleeper; Gino's 20 inch bicep nearly snapping the vet's already injured neck. "You got nothing left!" taunts the mountain of muscle digging his knee into the beast's back WRENCHING his arms nearly out of socket! "F**k you!" groans Gunnar slammed on his face as the 260 pounder pins him down with his foot flexing, "You got anymore in you?" Back on his feet, the vet recovers and whips around the behemoth for a powerful belly to back bearhug. Gino screams in pain; his hulking frame SQUEEZED tighter and tighter as he's thrown down head first into the wall! "I honestly don't know whose back that hurt more, yours or mine?" groans Gunnar nearly collapsing. "That was alright for someone who's been out of the game as long as you!" taunts the rookie struggling to his feet. "When was the last time we saw our abs?" mocks Gunnar smacking the giant's muscle gut. Pissed off, Gino barrels in like a freight train for a vicious belly to belly bearhug; the sound of their beefy frames COLLIDING sends shockwaves through the arena! "You wanna keep doing bearhugs, cover that s**t up, don't you?" mocks Gunnar gasping for air. "I like to break you in half! I eat 140lbs guys like you for breakfast; then I have another 140lbs guy for lunch!" Gino's pythons dig in deep sucking every last breath from his lungs bearhugging him all the way down to the mat before letting go! You think it's all over, just wait. "I squat 1000lbs; give up!" BONE-SHATTERING body scissors and standing head scissors have one muscle hunk fighting for his life! "He's done! We might need a medic in here!"