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Gino vs Hero - Vegas Battles 84

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

It's NON-STOP action in the race to become Thunders' top star! Hero practices his posing when the 260lbs Gino barrels in with a surprise belly to belly bearhug. Groaning in pain, Hero STRAINS to escape and collapses to the mat. "I'm taking over Thunders! This is my ring; you're out!" threatens Gino wrapping his meathook hands around Hero's throat dragging him to his feet for a chokelift! Hero drops down coughing to breathe and is pulled into a neck-breaking full nelson SHAKEN side to side. Gino releases his hold and locks in a brutal ab stretch chopping Hero's chiseled abs as he screams in pain. Desperate to break free, Hero flips Gino onto his back with an over-the-shoulder takedown! Gino groans in pain barely moving as Hero climbs the window seat delivering THUNDEROUS bodysplash after bodysplash! "Nobody interrupts my posing!" threatens Hero pinning Gino down doing push-ups on top of Gino's gorilla sized chest. Hero continues his attack with leg drops and drags Gino to his feet in a two-handed choke. Angry, Gino breaks away LEVELING Hero with a massive clothesline and digs his foot in Hero's chest trying to snap his rib cage. Struggling for air, Hero suffers a crippling Boston crab, GRUELING back stretch, and sleeper. "I'm taking over Thunders; there's nothing you can do about it!" threatens Gino tightening his rock-hard bicep around Hero's throat. "You're never gonna take over!" gasps Hero FLIPPING Gino onto the mat to escape. A massive back and forth bearhug battle erupts with both wrestlers fighting for submissions SQUEEZING each other harder and harder. Grunting and groaning, Hero and Gino use dirty tricks to pull out the win ending in a brutal knockout. "I'm the star!" flexes the winner over a pile of broken muscle.