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body scissors arm bar

Gino vs Iceman18 - Bodybuilder Battle 152

$ 34.75

"You're pretty big man, solid. Your chest is like a boulder!" admires the vet barely getting his hand around the new muscle monster's beefy pecs. "Thanks, you got that width, that back, those traps! I'm trying to get some arms like you. What are you pushing like 22 inches?" asks Gino feeling out Iceman18's rock-hard biceps. "Just about, I'm trying to be big like you!" The titans flex comparing double biceps as the vet stands in front of the behemoth trying to eclipse him from the camera, "I can't see you, but I can see me. I like that I seem bigger!" Distracted, Iceman18 whips around the big man surprising him with a tight full nelson, "Wanna find out if my arms are bigger than yours? You can't get out of that!" Gino groans in pain unable to escape and is SLAMMED face first to the mat. "I'll let you catch your breath medium arms!" taunts Iceman18 flexing while the hairy hulk struggles to his feet, "That was a cheap shot!" "You think yours is better? I wanna see how good you are!" challenges the vet. Hungry for payback, the mountain of muscle wraps his powerful pythons around the arrogant vet in a CRUSHING full nelson of his own. Iceman18's face turns red struggling to break the tight embrace, "Let me go! When I get out of this, I'm really gonna put you in one!" His cries for mercy only fuel Gino's strength, "Come on big 22's, is that all you got?" Flexing as hard as he can, the vet finally escapes the behemoth's clutches but is engulfed in a RIB-SHATTERING belly to back bearhug! "I'm gonna break you in half!" Gasping for air, Iceman18 narrowly pries apart the heavyweight's meathook hands inch by inch and locks him in a tight rear bearhug. Gino's hulking frame struggles for oxygen as the vet leans back SQUEEZING him tighter and tighter then transitions to a full nelson, "Stretch it out, shake you like a rag doll! How does it feel?" The behemoth's face is pure torture as Iceman18 drops down for another vicious bearhug. "No more!" PLEADS the hairy hulk; his beefy frame becoming limp. "More? You want more?" taunts the ruthless vet dragging him up for another powerful full nelson. "Your arms are so big!" moans Gino completely gassed and slammed down in defeat. "You think your arms are big? Your arms are not big!" declares Iceman18 rolling the motionless muscle giant to his belly for a CRIPPLING camel clutch, "Nothing but dead weight!" "Ahh it hurts!" groans the big man powerless to escape crumbling to the mat. The dominant vet mounts the 260 pounder's burly back, wraps his arms around him, and GATOR ROLLS the hairy hulk over and over across the arena! "Big, meaty, but not very flexible!" Iceman18 straddles the behemoth yanking him for another agonizing camel clutch. Gino is in agony; his gorilla size chest stretched to its limits as his face is DRIVEN into the mat nearly knocking him out! "You know what? No break for you!" Another sit-down camel clutch has the behemoth barely moving lifted on all fours for a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! "My head!" screams the Italian giant as Iceman18 flexes tighter and tighter dropping the heavyweight on his back. "You can't take all this muscle!" The vet mounts his furry abs YANKING on his powerful pythons and STRETCHES out his gargantuan legs. Laid out, Gino groans in pain; his hulking frame seconds away from tearing apart! The motionless behemoth is rolled over; his 20 inch bicep wrapped tightly around his own throat as he coughs to breathe. "Why you choking yourself!" taunts the vet. A series of BACK-BREAKING cradles has the mountain of muscle folded so tight; he is powerless to escape. "This is my mat! You gonna give? Say Iceman you're the best!" "Ahh it hurts!" Unable to handle the excruciating pain, Gino finally submits completely spent from the intense struggle. "You stretched me out pretty good, but I gotta show you something!" The behemoth rises to his feet and BARRELS in for a massive fireman's carry squatting the 230 pounder with ease. "Put me down! Who do you think you are? What is this?" Full of rage, the muscle giant slams his victim down mocking, "That's some lightweight; that's what that is!" Just getting started, Gino drags the vet up for a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors flexing his granite slab legs tighter and tighter, "Like those tree-trunk quads? You can't handle those!" Struggling to breathe, Iceman18's face turns red, "That's some weed quads!" The hairy hulk drags his victim to the mat with his scissors locked in tight, "Come on you can do better than that!" Gino slaps his beefy legs with his meathook hands RATTLING the vet's brain as he screams in pain nearly passing out before escaping. "Not bad!" flexes the behemoth as the vet stumbles to his feet, "Don't flex those child arms! Those are real arms!" flexes Iceman18. A grueling fight to the finish has one muscle hunk feverishly trying to submit, but the torture continues: powerful full nelson, brutal pec claw, RIB-CRACKING body scissors, vicious arm lock! "Who's the real king?"