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Gino vs Joey King - Custom Video Series 117

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Gino is working out/stretching.  Joey King comes in and sees the "Marine" shirt and starts talking trash about military service--"it's bullshit." He calls Gino a "sock puppet" for the government. They get in each other's face and agree to settle it "right now."

As Gino takes off his shirt, Joey King attacks him, then nuts him.

Sleeper KO from behind. Schoolboy pin.
Removes Gino sweats or gym shorts and lightly slaps him awake.  

Any moves they want on the ground.

Scissor-sleeper KO from behind.

10 "military-grade" push-ups over Gino.  "How's my form? Am I gonna make it out of boot camp?"

Up for reverse bearhug--orders Gino to flex.

Any moves while standing.

Bulldog KO away from camera.
Reverse-schoolboy pin (with Gino face-down).

Starts Scissor-Sleeper KO from behind.  

Orders Gino to flex.
Finishes scissor-sleeper KO.

For the rest of the match, until the last two or three minutes, Joey King dominates Gino.  Any moves they want.  Lots of taunting by Joey King and at least one more set of pushups over Gino.

The last KO move by Joey King should be a scissor-sleeper KO with lots of talking and gloating by Joey King ("We'll have you ready for Reveille").  Joey King tries and fails to shake him awake, then lets him fall back.  Grabs Gino shirt and puts it under his head as a pillow.  The camera should spend a few seconds on Gino here.

Before leaving. Joey King gives him a final slap to the face with a "night-night"--and Gino ...reaches out his arm.

Gino finds the energy to grab Joey King, lift him up, and crush him in a bearhug. Can he finish him?