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Gino vs Joey King - Custom Video Series 117

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

It's pro-wrestler vs marine in a brutal battle over who represents America better! Gino stretches and flexes his boulder biceps when he is interrupted by Joey King. "You're a marine? You look like garbage: fat, useless, pathetic!" mocks Joey King bragging about how jacked and better looking he is to represent America. "I'm bigger and stronger than you; I'm gonna kick your ass!" threatens Gino still flexing. The devious Joey King sneaks up from behind and levels the 250lbs marine with a low blow and forearm smash! Joey King wraps the injured muscle giant in a tight sleeper. Gasping for air, Gino strains to escape but crumbles to the mat barely awake. The king flexes his rock-hard biceps and drags Gino to his feet smashing his skull into the turnbuckle! Gino groans in pain as Joey King drives his shoulder over and over into Gino's abs then locks in a crippling camel clutch. His strength quickly fading, the burly bodybuilder passes out from the pain. The dominant Joey King circles his prey and does push-ups on top of the motionless marine. "How's my form; think I can make it out of boot camp?" mocks Joey King before waking his victim up for more torture. Gino groans in agony as the king tries breaking him apart with a bearhug, clotheslines, stomps, and suffocating sleepers! The 250lbs behemoth struggles to his feet as Joey King locks on a devastating scissor/sleeper combo from the top turnbuckle. "Marine? Might as well be a Girl Scout, roll call bitch!" taunts the king squeezing tighter and tighter. You think it's all over, but a surprise twist is coming in hot in the battle for America!