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Gino vs Kasee - Vegas Battles 80

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

A Vegas food fight ignites a big vs little SQUASH match! Kasee tries to eat his vegan meal in a bag when Gino snatches it away. "Maybe if you ate a steak instead of rabbit food; you'd actually have muscle!" mocks Gino flexing his 20 inch biceps. "You see how big I am!" taunts Kasee pushing Gino away over and over. Gino SNAPS lifting Kasee in a shoulder carry and slams him to the mat. Laid out, Kasee gasps for air as Gino chokes him into the ground with his meathook hands then yanks Kasee up by his hair ordering him to flex. "I'm bigger than you!" taunts Kasee refusing to flex sending Gino into a rage! Gino wraps his massive arms around Kasee in a RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug as Kasee screams in pain and is slammed on his face. Dazed, Kasee can barely stand and is lifted upside-down held with one arm as Gino flexes. The blood rushing to his brain, Kasee's skull is DRIVEN straight into the ground nearly knocking him out! "You come in my ring with your rabbit food?" yells the 260lbs Gino forcing Kasee to worship his rock-hard muscle before SHOVING the food down Kasee's throat. Kasee begins choking as the dominant Gino picks him up across his boulder shoulders in a torture rack shaking Kasee around! Screaming in pain, Kasee begins to grow limp and is tossed down as the battle continues. A NECK-BREAKING full nelson, over-the-knee back breaker, and brutal chokelift has Kasee barely breathing; Kasee's eyes roll back in his head as he crumbles to the mat. "You're skin and bones! You hungry for a steak yet?" mocks Gino dragging Kasee up for a belly to belly bearhug. "My ribs, I can't take it!" screams Kasee as Gino SQUEEZES him tighter and tighter into his gorilla sized chest. Things go from bad to worse as Gino tries tearing Kasee apart limb by limb. A bodyslam, chokelift, tight sleeper, chokeslam, and SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors leads to a brutal finish!