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body scissors

Gino vs Scrappy - Bodybuilder Battle 155

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

"BIGGEST dude in the ring, no one can handle me, 500lbs bench press, 500lbs squat, 20inch arms!" flexes the Italian mountain of muscle. "They said they were bringing in a new monster, but I didn't think you'd be that big!" A look of awe and panic sweeps across Scrappy's face as he feels out the giant's rock-hard biceps and meaty pecs, "You sure they're not like 22 bro? Your legs are like as big as my chest!" The vet joins in flexing asking if they can train together, but Gino is unimpressed, "Maybe one day, I just don't think you're gonna get here. I'm the best there is!" declares the beast as the vet grabs his muscles again, "If you touch me one more time, I'm gonna show you how big and strong I am!" yells the behemoth shoving the lightweight aside. "You're big, but I'm not scared of you! You know who I am?" Gino explodes in a fit of rage ENGULFING Scrappy in a brutal belly to belly bearhug. "I'm sorry! You're crushing my back!" pleads the muscle hunk; his ribs begin to splinter as he collapses to the mat gasping for air, "I promise I'll leave you alone, just one more double bicep!" The naive rookie flexes as Scrappy sneaks up from behind trying for a full nelson but can't reach around the hairy hulk. "Tell me when you start!" taunts Gino. Frustrated, the vet lets go and tries a bearhug SQUEEZING as hard as he can but can't penetrate his thick frame, "My grandma hugs me harder than this!" Winded from the intense struggle, Scrappy releases and is yanked up in another agonizing bearhug and SHAKEN like a rag doll! "Had enough yet?" "You can't make me f***ing give!" groans Scrappy as the behemoth transitions to a neck-breaking full nelson, "Show me those pretty boy abs! That's how you do a full nelson! Give in; you're not even close to my level!" Desperate to escape, the devious vet DROPS the muscle giant with a vicious dirty trick, "Bet you don't feel so big anymore; do you?" flexes Scrappy clamping on a meaty double pec claw, "Look at that chest, does that even hurt?" Gino groans in pain but quickly overpowers the lightweight breaking his grip, "Little punk!" Barely to his knees, the vet tries to sleeper the giant's thick neck but is LAUNCHED across the arena with an over-the-shoulder throw! "Didn't learn to play by the rules? Here you get a little touch!" flexes Gino giving his tiny prey a chance to worship his bicep before he is met with a crushing sleeper! "That's a 20 inch arm around your neck! This is as close as you're ever gonna get to this much mass!" Struggling to stay conscious, Scrappy CLAWS at the behemoth's rock-hard bicep as his eyes roll back in his head, but the ruthless giant lets him go for more torture. "Better go home boy; this is not the game for you!" taunts the mountain of muscle. "I get excited when I see big guys come in; I just wanna be big!" moans Scrappy on his knees LEVELING the 260 pounder with a low blow! "You gotta do what you gotta do! Make these big guys look like babies; so weak!" flexes Scrappy as he tries for a pin then rolls the big man into a body scissors. "These legs are puny! Let me show you how it's really done!" Gino easily breaks free wrapping his tree-trunk quads around the vet in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! "Ahh it hurts!" screams the ruthless vet delivering another dirty trick. "This is my mat! What are you gonna do about it big guy? Wish you'd just let me be your training partner!" flexes Scrappy POUNDING away on the behemoth's abs as he groans in pain struggling to his feet. Enraged, the mountain of muscle unleashes his power: double pec claw, chokelift, overhead press, agonizing stretch, vicious belly to belly bearhug, BACK-BREAKING bodyslam! "Please, you're too strong!" begs Scrappy barely moving as Gino towers over his broken body, "All this muscle, I'm the king around here! Give you one last feel of those 20 inch arms! I know this is your greatest dream; turn on the heat!" You think it's all over, but Scrappy has one final plan to try and take down the behemoth. Will it be too little, too late? Big vs Little fans, this 28 MINUTE match will not disappoint!