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Gino choke lifts Striker at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Gino vs Striker - Bodybuilder Battle 167

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Big and beefy or lean and chiseled, the battle for the best body begins! The 260lbs behemoth flexes when he is SHOVED away by the angry rookie. "Why do I keep getting these fat a** people? You're not even fit, at least I'm cut up!" mocks Striker patting the Italian giant's furry abs. "What's cut up, your bones? You don't have any muscle or hair; this is a man's body!" taunts Gino. Flexing side by side, the titans decide to settle the score proving whose body is better as the cocky newb compares the hairy hulk to Bigfoot. Gino SNAPS wrapping his meathook hands around the lightweight's throat for a devastating chokelift, "How's that feel little guy; where's that strength at?" Gasping for air, Striker tries desperately to pry apart the viselike grip but is SLAMMED down where the choking continues. Fading to black, the rookie narrowly escapes and struggles to his feet as Gino's 20 inch bicep ENGULFS his neck in a powerful sleeper. "Is that all you got?" taunts the muscle monster; his tiny prey flails helpless on the mat before passing out in the vicious embrace. The behemoth plants his foot on the motionless rookie flexing his mounds of beefy muscle, "Thinks he could take a piece of this; couldn't even last 5 minutes!" CLUBBED awake, Striker is dragged into another grueling sleeper; the air quickly rushing from his lungs, he manages to trip the 260 pounder face first to the mat locking in a sleeper of his own. "All that s**t talking huh?" taunts the rookie SHAKING the heavyweight side to side as he struggles to breathe. Fueled by rage, Gino strains to his knees and stands up carrying the lightweight on his hulking back. Desperate, Striker clamps on a mid-air body scissors SQUEEZING as hard as he can, but the goliath is too powerful breaking free with an over-the-shoulder throw. "No one chokes me; this is gonna be your last breath!" threatens Gino dragging the 165lbs newb to his feet for a ONE-HANDED CHOKELIFT! The blood rushing from his brain, Striker can barely make a sound; his limp frame crumbling to the mat. "You gotta have muscle to hold a man up with one arm!" The 260lbs behemoth DIGS his foot in the rookie's shredded abs as he screams in pain powerless to escape, "Come on pretty boy; all those crunches ain't working for ya?" Coughing to breathe, Striker tries lifting the giant's tree-trunk leg, but it doesn't work finally KICKING the heavyweight down to the mat. Panic sweeps across Gino's face as his massive legs are TWISTED in a grueling leg lock. "Stop, you're strong; I take it back!" pleads the muscle monster in utter agony. "Talk all that s**t hairy man; let's see how flexible you are big boy!" taunts Striker pulling even tighter before rolling the injured giant over mounting his burly back for a CRUSHING sleeper, "Not so strong now; time to put you out!" Still winded from the previous attack, Gino's powerful pythons flail in the air as he struggles to break free; his strength soon fades as his mounds of beefy muscle pass out in the lightweight's arms. Flexing in victory, Striker turns his back; the angry giant recovers sneaking up from behind with a DEVASTATING chokelift! "How? I put you to sleep!" gasps the rookie barely escaping the muscle hulk's grip sending him into a blind rage. The 260lbs freight train barrels in with a massive shoulder carry slamming his victim to the mat, drives his knee in his chiseled back, and YANKS his arms nearly out of socket! "You thought I was done? Say, 'I'm a weak little boy with no hair on my chest'!" orders Gino. Screaming in pain, his chest STRETCHED tight ready to rip apart, Striker's skull is driven face first into the ground nearly knocking him out as he begs for mercy finally let go, "Gorilla man, stop, no more!" Towering over his broken prey, the Italian muscle giant revels in his torture, "You can't even f**king stand up!" The rookie peels himself off the mat shoving the behemoth away but is hoisted up in a PULVERIZING belly to belly bearhug shaken like a rag doll! "Put me down!" screams the lightweight; his rib cage obliterated under Gino's power as he collapses to the mat. "Told you not to mess with me boy! Why don't you come back in a few years when you grow some hair!" A fire ignites inside the rookie as he soon recovers hungry for payback! An overhead press, vicious shoulder carry, and two-handed choke lead up to a BREATH-TAKING finish. "Any last words, your whole life flashing before your eyes?"