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Gino wrestling Van Acker at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Gino vs Van Acker - Battlespace 139

$ 25.95

Seething in anger, the 260lbs human wrecking ball is on the hunt ready to ANNIHILATE his next victim! Spreading like wildfire, Gino gets word Van Acker has been trash talking him behind his back and plans to teach the arrogant lightweight a BRUTAL lesson in respect! "If I hear you're trying to get the best of me one more time! Let's go!" orders the behemoth catching his nervous prey in the hallway dragging him by his arm nearly RIPPING it off. The Italian giant wraps his meathook hands around Van Acker's throat choking him wall to wall then picks him up in a devastating chokelift! "I'm sorry!" Nearly passing out, the 165 pounder collapses to the mat struggling to his knees. "Did I say you could stand up? I'm the boss here; you're gonna learn the hard way!" Gino wraps his 20 inch bicep around his victim's throat SQUEEZING the air from his lungs nearly snapping his neck! "Your arms are so big!" groans Van Acker barely breathing as the torturous hold is released. The hairy hulk digs his knee in the trash talker's chiseled back yanking his arms nearly out of socket as BLOOD-CURDLING screams fill the arena, "Ahh my back is breaking! I won't mess with you; I'm sorry!" Reveling in his agony, Gino slams his victim on his face, "It's too late for that!" wrapping his tree-trunk quads around in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors. "I can't breathe or even see; they're squishing my eyes together!" screams Van Acker; the blood rushing from his brain as the giant slaps his quads FLEXING them even tighter, "You can't escape that! I'm the f**king man; the best there is!" Desperate, the lightweight tries prying apart his captor's granite slab quads as the 260lbs goliath sits down on Van Acker's back CRUSHING him into the ground! His bones pulverized under the mounds of beefy muscle, the trash talker is dragged to his feet by his hair and ENGULFED in a rib-cracking belly to belly bearhug. "My back, please, you're too strong!" begs Van Acker elbowing the hairy hulk again and again but can't penetrate his beefy frame collapsing to the mat. Barely on his feet, a powerful rear bearhug has the lightweight hoisted up and down then PINNED face first to the wall. "You're weak; say it! Who's bigger and who's stronger?" orders Gino; his victim powerless to move forced to submission, "I'm weak compared to you! You're bigger; you're stronger!" The Italian behemoth tries BREAKING Van Acker's bones, stepping on his quad nearly snapping his femur and locking in a vicious arm bar/body scissors combo. "Please stop!" screams the lightweight FLAILING helplessly on the ground coughing just to breathe. "Come on, here we go to my ring!" orders Gino dragging the 165 pounder to the mat by his hair FLIPPING him head over heels. "Please, I don't wanna be in here!" begs Van Acker as his beating continues with an upside down belly to back bearhug and CRIPPLING camel clutch! "Ahh my neck!" Gino flexes over his broken victim; the camera zoomed in on his furry, beefy pecs and rock-hard biceps. Distracted, Van Acker kicks the heavyweight's legs out sending him CRASHING to the mat and rolls him to his back in an upside down chokehold, "I'm gonna tap you; I'm gonna pull your head off!" The hairy hulk groans in pain struggling to breathe but overpowers his prey finally breaking free, "Pull a fast one on me!" His blood boiling, Gino UNLEASHES his power: a sharp knee to the ribs, grueling arm/back stretch, and tight sleeper. "I can't breathe!" Fading to black, Van Acker reaches back and drives the giant's face into the ground knocking him unconscious! The motionless pile of beefy muscle is JOLTED awake with a thunderous leg drop and pulled straight into a grueling arm bar, "I'm gonna break this big arm of yours!" Screaming in pain, Gino strains but finally powers out angrier than ever. Rolling the lightweight to his back, the 260lbs monster drops his knee on Van Acker's throat trying to SNAP his neck. "You're gonna kill me!" pleads Van Acker coughing to breath as he's WEDGED deep in another standing head scissors. "You make this too easy!" Gino lets go flexing in victory when a surprise low blow LEVELS him to the ground. "All that muscle didn't protect your balls; did they?" taunts Van Acker with a massive leg drop rolling the injured heavyweight in a grueling Boston crab, "I'm gonna break your back big man!" A crushing rear bearhug, brutal hammerlock, and double forearm smashes lead to a JAW-DROPPING knockout you will not believe! Who will get the last laugh: the muscle giant or the trash talker?