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Gohan vs Reggie - Rough & Ready 148

$ 22.22
$ 25.00


Reggie -- 260 lbs. vs Gohan -- 155 lbs.

"Do you think you could squeeze me with those big arms?" Gohan wants to feel Reggie's powerful arms wrapped around his head. Reggie yanks Gohan off the mat in a vicious chest to chest bearhug before slamming him on the mat and making him kiss his biceps. Gohan fights back, but keeps getting distracted by Reggie's massive muscles! Gohan gets in some good shots on Reggie using his mixed martial arts training! A low blow from Gohan drops Reggie to the mat and Gohan locks in a deep sleeper hold. Will Reggie be sleepered out by Gohan? 

Reggie gets up FURIOUS! He manhandles Gohan throwing him across the mat and slamming all 260 lbs on top of him! Gohan gets the upperhand on Reggie once again with a low blow. He works Reggie over with:

  • Gut Punches
  • Sleeper Holds
  • Surfboard Stretch
  • and Leg Scissors

Reggie doesn't stay down long before he uses his superhuman strength to throw Gohan off of him! He locks Gohan in a brutal leg scissors and Gohan can't escape before passing out! Reggie wakes up his victim just to deal more punishment! He smashes Gohan into the mat just to pass him back out in HOT SCENE YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

[Cut to Reggie posing in the mirror to celebrate his victory]

OUT OF NOWHERE, Gohan jumps on Reggie and locks him in a side headlock dragging him back to the mat! The match continues with a surprising twist you will never see coming!