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Guerreiro vs Johnny V. - In Your House 05

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Johnny V. is just done with a workout at the gym and heads back up to the room to see what Brazil is up to. However, Brazil lets him know that he just finished wrestling a new guy and he should have his way with him now. Guerreiro isn't going to go down that easy though. The match gets intense with both studs battling it out and taking time to flex in each others face just to show who the bigger, stronger man is. The hotel suite gives both wrestlers plenty of room to work with. They work each other on the bed, the mat beside the bed, the chair and ottoman, and the bedside bench. Both men banter back and forth asking "You like this shit don't you?" and "You want to show off now?" The match moves into the marble covered bathroom where lights really show off the muscles of each guy perfectly. They use the mirrors to see what each other are working with. An intense match of Bearhugs, Full Nelsons, Sleeper Holds, and Power Moves leaves both men exhausted and very sweaty. This leads to a well earned hot shower with both men taking the post-match opportunity to admire each others physique and power.

A seemingly relaxing final scene leads to a twist ending..with a betrayal of trust in a steamy shower.