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Gunner puts Cap in head scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Gunnar vs Cap - Mat Wars 105

$ 34.75

Gunnar vs Cap


Oh boy.  Cap is back and his ego can barely fit in the room!  He flexes and poses for the camera, talking about how good he is and how he’s going to kick someone’s ass “like he always does” (!).  But he’s so focussed on himself that he fails to notice the rocket-fuelled clothesline that comes out of nowhere and almost decapitates him!  Poor Cap is sent careening to the mat as his mystery assailant is revealed to be Gunnar, one of Thunder’s newest wrestlers!  Gunnar is a bundle of pure, thick, wrecking-ball muscle – if he hits you, you’re gonna feel it as Cap discovers!

Cap gets to his feet as Gunnar stands behind him, grinning at the thought of the beatdown he’s about to inflict on his unsuspecting prey.  Cap turns around and is floored again!  “Who are you?” Cap groans – Gunnar just plants his foot on Cap’s chest, pressing down with all his might.  Pain registers all over Cap’s face as his chest is crushed underfoot!  Gunnar releases him, only to grab Cap by the throat for a chokelift high off the mat – Gunnar even walks around the mat whilst holding Cap aloft!  Gunnar throws Cap down, barely giving him a moment to catch his breath before stealing that breath with a choke hold!  Cap fights and struggles to escape, but finds himself caught between Gunnar’s mammoth thighs!  Gunnar’s muscles glisten as he crushes Cap’s head, mercilessly pouring on the pressure – what did Cap do to deserve this?!  Cap gives, but Gunnar ignores him until Cap’s taps become frantic!  Gunnar doesn’t say a word, silently destroying Cap with a spine-crunching bearhug that has Cap crying out in agony as the monster shakes him from side to side!  Gunnar throws Cap down, staring down at his victim – Cap gets back to his feet, right into a Full Nelson!  Gunnar’s muscular body shines with sweat as he works Cap over.  Another incredible bearhug from Gunnar – his pecs seem to get even bigger as he pumps up the crush!

The bodybuilder is relentless as he punishes poor Cap with more chokes and sleepers – each time Cap is on the verge of going out, Gunnar slaps on another painful lock to wake him back up!  Cap paws at Gunnar’s arms, looking for any sign of weakness, any chink in his armour – but all he finds is meaty triceps and a thickly balled biceps driving inexorably into his neck!  In pure desperation, Cap manages to grab Gunnar’s head, delivering a devastating STUNNER!  Gunnar’s jaw meets the top of Cap’s head as the bodybuilder is thrown backwards by the sudden move!  Cap looks surprised by the sudden reversal of fortunes, but he’s not one to look a gift horse in the mouth – he capitalises with a Camel Clutch and a massive bodysplash!  Can he keep the momentum and put the silent destroyer away?  Or will he fall victim to Gunnar’s immense strength, powerful muscle and devastating choke holds?  This is a hard, brutal match that Cap certainly won’t forget in a hurry – and neither will you!