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Gunner puts Cason into the ropes at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Gunnar vs Cason - Ring Wars 73

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

The Bodybuilder vs The Playboy!
"Cute tattoo on your chest. What's that a hashtag?" asks Gunnar. "It's actually a brand. You're funny!" Cason pushes the bodybuilder. The muscle giants introduce themselves and compare biceps. "What is that?" laughs Gunnar. "It's a peak!" Cason admires his bulging bicep and grabs the rookie's arm, "It looks good, but it's super soft!" 
The heavyweights get in a shoving match and lock up. "What's that on your back, a compass? Cuz you seem lost right now!" says Gunnar. Cason hammer locks the rookie, who tries breaking away. "Feisty. You got a little bit of fight in you!" Both begin an intense HAMMER LOCK BATTLE going back and forth, breathing heavy! Finally, Gunnar twists out sending Cason to the ring floor!
"You good over there? You had a lot to say before!" mocks Gunnar. They tie up again. The rookie WHIPS the vet into the ropes. Cason flies back and lifts the bodybuilder in a BACK-BREAKING front bearhug shaking him up and down. Gunnar groans in pain! "You look big, but you feel lite! Got paper towels in those muscles?" 
Cason locks Gunnar in a massive sleeper hold. "Gonna put you to sleep! Get on your knees!" The bodybuilder slumps to the floor as Cason pats his muscle gut, "Flex those abs. I know you forget about ab day. You don't miss McDonald's though!" 
Gunnar is gassed and struggles to stand. "What's up big boy?" Cason GUT PUNCHES the muscle giant and starts choking him. Gunnar escapes and STRETCHES Cason between the ropes digging his knee into his back. "Come on man, you gotta let me go!" The vet moans in pain and falls to the ring floor.
Gunnar flexes his boulder biceps, "You got something to say now?" The muscle monster STRETCHES Cason between the ropes again. "You call this a chest?" Cason's abs and chest are pulled so TIGHT, they look ready to split at any moment! "Come on man let me go!" Gunnar releases his hold, and Cason gasps for air. "All talk over here. You're the superstar they all talk about?" mocks Gunnar.
Cason throws Gunnar into the turnbuckle, chokes him with one hand, and POUNDS his abs. "I love this job!" The vet whips the rookie into the ropes, but his clothesline is weak. "You call that a clothesline?" The behemoth delivers a DEVASTATING clothesline. "That's how you do it! Come on superstar!" yells Gunnar. Cason coughs and can barely breathe.
The vet recovers and CHOKES the bodybuilder's thick neck with 2 hands! "Come on, pass out!" Gunnar's monster muscles can't break the hold, and he goes to sleep leaning against the bottom turnbuckle. Cason sits on the bodybuilder's beefy chest and head scissors the giant! Gunnar wakes up in EXCRUCIATING pain trying to break out, but Cason's powerful quads are locked in ROLLING him around the ring!
A sleeper, SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors, gut punches! The bodybuilder groans in pain. "How's your first day at Thunders?" mocks Cason. "All-American playboy!" moans Gunnar. "That's a compliment." Both muscle giants have a flex off. "Here's some motivation for you!" says Cason. "You can't flex old man," mocks Gunnar as he flexes his 54 INCH chest!
"Come on playboy!" says Gunnar. The action continues! A massive game of mercy, scissors, clotheslines, and sleepers! Who will win this heavyweight ring war, the Bodybuilder or the Playboy?