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muscular men bear hug each other

Gunnar vs Duke - No Holds Barred 127

$ 34.75

The match begins mid-action with Gunnar on his belly and Duke on top of him. The vet tries for a sleeper but struggles to lock his arms around the rookie's thick neck! Gunnar easily stands up and PIGGYBACKS Duke spanking his glutes. The veteran won't give up and leans backwards pulling the rookie down to the mat with the sleeper locked in. Duke adds a body scissors hoping to weaken the muscle giant, but he is just too strong!
Gunnar rolls out of the hold and applies his own body scissors! The behemoth sits on Duke's chest and crushes his skull with his TREE TRUNK quads! Duke is hurting but escapes and returns the favor sitting on the giant's chest trying to crush his skull. 
A massive HAMMERLOCK from the vet has the muscle beast groaning in pain! Gunnar and Duke battle back and forth with BACK-BREAKING bearhugs and ball claws each squeezing tighter with every hold! 
Gunnar pushes Duke against the wall and delivers two-handed chokes and vicious gut punches. "You're mine!" Duke's abs turn red as Gunnar ball claws him. "You like that huh?" Gunnar picks Duke up in another massive bearhug and throws him down! 
The muscle giant locks in a CRUSHING sleeper / ball claw combo! Duke screams in pain and struggles to breathe. "Go to sleep!" commands Gunnar. The vet is unable to break the hold and passes out!
Duke wakes up, "You're a lot stronger than I thought!" Gunnar flexes his gargantuan guns and colossal chest, "You like that 54 INCH chest?" Duke muscle worships the beast's arms, chest, and abs. "Damn man! It's pretty good!" says Duke. "Pure power right there!" says Gunnar. 
The vet sneaks behind the rookie and lifts him in a tight bearhug. Duke PEC CLAWS his beefy chest,and Gunnar screams in pain! Both wrestlers begin muscle worshipping each other. "Nice shoulders you got there, like a rock!" says Duke.
Gunnar's MEAT HOOK hands are all over Duke, pec claws, ball claws, muscle worshipping his chest and abs. The muscle beast takes the vet down to the mat in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "Feel them traps? You ain't getting out of that!" Duke is gasping for air! His face turns white as a ghost, and he goes to sleep again. "That's number 2!"
Gunnar ball claws Duke, "Time to wake up!" The vet clutches his soar balls trying to stand up, "I'm up!" Gunnar wants to punish his victim more and FOOTBALL KICKS his balls from behind! "Why'd you do that?" screams Duke. "Don't ever question me!" commands Gunnar.
The action continues: chokelifts, gut punches, head scissors, a TORNADO FIREMAN'S CARRY! Who will win this No Holds Barred match of dirty tricks and muscle worship mayhem?