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Gunnar vs Joey King - Ring Wars 81

Gunnar vs Joey King - Ring Wars 81

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Bodybuilder vs Dad Bod
Gunnar is in the ring doing push ups. His thick chest bounces off the canvas as Joey King walks in. "You should give it a shot, get that pump!" says Gunnar. "I don't need a pump to kick your butt!" laughs Joey. "If you do enough, you might lose that dad bod!" mocks Gunnar as he shows Joey his push up technique. The vet sneaks behind and clubs Gunnar down to the canvas!
"Wanna do push ups now big guy?" Joey locks the the muscle beast in a crippling camel clutch. "I could probably still do them with you on my back!" moans Gunnar. Joey stretches the giant between the ropes. "You're big but not that flexible!" Dad Bod applies a chinlock and clubs his beefy chest. "Wanna talk some more?" Gunnar groans, "Of course I do!" Joey is about to show the beast what happens when you step in his ring! He slams his victim's head into the turnbuckle and SHOULDER BARGES his abs. The giant crumbles to the canvas. "Lets go big man." Joey clubs Gunnar's back and locks in a tight sleeper! "Turning a little purple there. Tell em who the king is!" orders Joey. "Wait till I get out!" threatens Gunnar. The giant's muscles grow limp. He gasps for air and goes to sleep! "Big tree fall hard!" laughs Joey. 
Joey smacks Gunnar awake, helps him to his feet, then CLOTHESLINES him back down. "Probably hurt your arm more than my chest!" moans Gunnar. "I don't think so. I might have a dad bod, but I'm kicking your butt." Joey locks the muscle beast in a neck-breaking full nelson shaking him around. "Tell them whose the king!" "I'm the king!" screams Gunnar. Dad Bod has had it with the disrespect and wants to destroy him limb by limb. "It's gonna be a long day for you!" A SWINGING NECK BREAKER, camel clutch, and vicious stomps to his arms and legs, Gunnar is in trouble!  A massive STF has the giant HOWLING in pain and completely gassed. "All show, no go!" The beast can barely stand. Joey whips Gunnar into the turnbuckles and shoulder barges his abs.  "Big man's got some momentum!" Joey locks in another camel clutch demanding a tap. "I don't tap out!" yells Gunnar. "I'll put you to sleep then!" The beast passes out. "Those push ups ain't helping you now!" Joey is MANHANDLING the muscle beast. All good things must come to an end, and Gunnar is due for some PAYBACK! Shoulder barges to the abs and back, throws into the turnbuckles, crushing camel clutches, and devastating sleepers! Will Gunnar finally be forced to admit Joey is King of the Ring, or will Gunnar steal Joey's title? It's the Bodybuilder vs the Dad Bod, and only one will be left standing in the end!