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Gunnar vs Justice - Ring Wars 102

$ 31.25

Get ready as old school battles new school in this INTENSE showdown! Flexing their rock-hard muscle, the wrestlers argue over whose tattoos are better: the older Justice with his tribal designs, or the younger Gunner with his new school look. Neither side backing down, they lock up in a massive mercy challenge; their bulging biceps STRAIN under the extreme pressure fighting for control. Gunnar forces his victim into the ropes breaking his grip and strikes with a brutal gut punch! The air rushing from his lungs, Justice is picked up in a tornado fireman's carry shaken up and down as he groans in pain and SLAMMED on his back. "It's that new school power!" threatens Gunnar flexing in victory. Hungry for payback, Justice struggles to his feet and ties up with Gunnar dragging him to his knees in a tight sleeper! His strength fading, Gunnar's powerful pythons are WRENCHED behind his back in a double chicken wing before he is dropped face first on the mat. Peeling himself up off the ground, the cocky Gunnar keeps calling Justice old sending him into a rage. Justice charges in lifting Gunnar across his chest for a BRUTAL over-the-knee back breaker; his beefy muscle crumbling to the ring in agony. Gunnar soon recovers and launches Justice into the ropes catching him in a crushing belly to belly bearhug. Gasping for air, Justice collapses and is rolled over for a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab! Justice repeatedly taps out screaming in pain, but Gunnar refuses to let go still mocking the old vet. Finally set free, the 6'1" Justice retaliates with a fireman's carry SHAKING Gunnar across his boulder shoulders as he begs for mercy and is slammed on his back! Struggling to catch his breath, Gunnar is wrapped in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors. The blood rushing from his brain, Gunnar fights to stay conscious as Justice flexes his quads tighter and tighter dropping him down for a GRUELING ab stretch. His chiseled abs nearly ripped apart, Gunnar is forced to submit under the torturous hold! Not letting up, Justice drags the injured Gunnar ringside STRETCHING him out between the ropes and yanks back on his arms nearly pulling them out of socket. Dripping with sweat, Gunnar's beefy muscles are powerless to escape as a vicious low blow sends Gunnar CRASHING to the mat! "I love cheap shots; that's old school!" flexes Justice forcing Gunnar to his knees with a painful wedgie. His blood boiling, Gunnar recovers and UNLEASHES his power: a crushing belly to back bearhug, tight sleeper, and brutal gut punches! Barely able to stand, Justice is wrapped in a GUILLOTINE CHOKE and dragged around the ring as Gunnar's rock-hard bicep squeezes the air from his lungs. A fight to the finish has new school and old school battling for the final knockout. Sleepers, crushing head scissor, over-the-knee back breaker, and vicious scissor/sleeper combo all leads up to a SURPRISE twist and shocking end!