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Gunnar vs Van - 4K01

$ 25.95

Get ready for pain, torture, and a surprise twist in this brutal battle for revenge! "We gotta do something with that hair!" mocks Gunnar making fun of the hairy Van Acker. "I'm a man's man! You gonna give me pointers how to shave my chest, silky smooth?" taunts Van Acker. The trash talk continues as Van Acker charges in for a takedown but is shoved to his knees. Gunnar unleashes his power with a skull-splitting standing head scissors, fireman's carry, and back-breaking Boston crab. Van Acker claws the mat begging for mercy before the dominant Gunnar mounts his chest burying Van Acker's face between his quads of steel! Gunnar flexes his rock-hard biceps before dragging Van Acker up for a vicious chokelift and belly to belly bearhug. "You're so small; I could crush you with one arm!" mocks Gunnar squeezing Van Acker tighter and tighter while flexing. Gasping for air, Van Acker crumbles to the mat but takes Gunnar down with a vicious ball claw. "I'll break your leg!" threatens Van Acker with a grueling leg lock as Gunnar groans in pain unable to escape. Hungry for revenge, Van Acker strikes with a tight full nelson, rear bearhug, and crushing body scissors. "You seem to be struggling; I really don't feel much!" mocks the beefy Gunnar escaping. Gunnar drips with sweat and tries breaking Van Acker apart with a tight sleeper, gut punches, crippling camel clutch, torture rack, and bone-shattering head scissors. "Your legs are so big!" screams Van Acker; the blood quickly rushing from his brain. Barely breathing, Van Acker is carried to the living room where a tombstone piledriver nearly knocks him out! Van Acker may be down but not out as the shocking twist is unveiled in hissecret plot for revenge! A crushing head scissors, elbow drops, sleepers, arm bars, and bearhugs leads to a vicious end. "There we go; your hearts stopping!" laughs the maniacal winner.