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Gunner puts Wildcard into a sleeper hold at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Gunnar vs Wildcard - No Holds Barred 126

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

Battle of the Big Boys! 
Gunnar is about to face his biggest opponent yet, the 240lbs giant Wildcard! Two massive muscle monsters will clash on the mat! Their friendly wrestling match will turn dirty with ball claws, spanking, and muscle worship!
Wildcard is helping Gunnar get ready for state by working on his moves. Gunnar starts in the ref's position. "Three taps, then I'm kicking your butt!" says Wildcard. The vet tries rolling the rookie over for a pin, but Gunnar is like a boulder, rock hard and difficult to move! Wildcard lays on top of him pinning him down. The rookie easily SHOVES the 240 pounder off him. This big boy is strong! 
Wildcard attempts a GATOR ROLL, but Gunnar escapes. These muscle bulls are quick and pouring with sweat, slipping and sliding around the mat trying for a pin. Wildcard takes Gunnar down and lays on him again, worshipping his thick back and SPANKING his muscle glutes. "Get off me!"
They lock up. The muscle behemoths exchange RIB-CRUSHING rear bearhugs shaking each other up and down! Both heavyweights groan in pain under the power of their VISELIKE grips!
The vet grabs the rookie in a BALL AND CHAIN and rolls him over in a tight cradle! Gunnar is eating his knees and moans in agony. "Let's work on those cradles." Wildcard starts in the ref's position. Gunnar rolls the giant over in a tight cradle spanking him!
"You gotta have muscle to wrestle the big boys!" Wildcard flexes for the camera. "A lot of meat right there! Big boy!" admires Gunnar. "About to be a lot of meat on top of you!" Wildcard locks in a body scissors / chin lock combo. Gunnar screams in pain! "SQUEEZE, go in deep, take away that breathing! Be a man and put me in this for real!" orders Wildcard. The rookie repeats the move, and the vet shows him a reversal. Gunnar BALL CLAWS his trainer! "You ain't cheating, you ain't trying!" 
The muscle giants flex for the camera. Gunnar muscle worships Wildcard's furry chest and arms, "Look at these boulders. Your delts are crazy!" Wildcard muscle worships Gunnar's ripped abs and biceps, "It's bigger than my hand! You're gonna win state for sure!" 
Gunnar picks up Wildcard in another massive rear bearhug dropping him to the mat. "You have a tight bearhug, that's for sure!" Wildcard bearhugs Gunnar back, "That's what a champ looks like!" 
The muscle beasts choke and ball claw each other at the same time trying for a submission! Both are in EXCRUCIATING pain and fall to the mat. Wildcard headlocks Gunnar. The rookie tries to break the hold with a PEC CLAW but can't get his hands around all that meat, "Your chest is so big!" A ball claw helps him escape!
Gunnar sits on Wildcard's chest crushing his skull with his TREE TRUNK quads. The vet worships the rookie's abs and chest then rolls him over in a tight BANANA SPLIT. "See how flexible you are now!" Wildcard scissors Gunnar's leg. "Your legs are too strong. How much do you squat?" moans Gunnar. "Higher number than you count!" 
Wildcard climbs on Gunnar's thick back and locks in a body scissor / sleeper hold. "Go to sleep! You'll have sweet dreams about state and remember everything I taught you!" Gunnar struggles to breathe and passes out!
"We're not done yet!" Wildcard wakes Gunnar up, lifts him in an over the knee BACK BREAKER, and HEADBANGS his abs! The rookie screams in pain. Wildcard locks in his famous rear head scissors, and Gunnar starts spanking him. "Oh yeah, smack that harder!" orders the trainer. Gunnar obey. Wildcard releases the hold in pure exhaustion; this heavyweight is gassed!
 "Too rough for you there?" Gunnar ball claws his trainer and locks in a massive sleeper hold. Wildcard passes out face first on the mat. Gunnar smacks his victim's thick butt, shaking it with his MEAT HOOK hand.
Wildcard wakes up, and the action continues! Bearhugs, spanking, ball claws, banana splits! Which muscle monster is gonna win this Battle of the Big Boys?