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Gunner vs Viggo vs Atom - Battlespace 74

Gunner vs Viggo vs Atom - Battlespace 74

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Viggo and Gunner begin by talking trash and showing off their equally impressive bodies, paying special attention to their arms and washboard abs. Viggo sees an opportunity and puts Gunner into an ab stretch before taking him down and literally smashing his face into the mat. Gunner manages to escape and chokes Viggo from behind. Despite turning red, then purple, Viggo breaks free and pounds Gunner with a series of ab-smashing gut punches. Atom joins Viggo on the mat and the two flex off and compare bodies before tying up and trying to take each other down. Atom gets the first move ans slams Viggo to the mat, school boy pinning him and flexing to show his dominance. Viggo has his turn and crushes Atom in his arms with bear hugs. Gunner returns to help Atom and squeezes Viggo with his own bear hugs. Atom and Gunner team up against Viggo, relentlessly attacking him time and time again. A three-way head scissors brings the guys to near exhaustion, but they all have more fight in them. Purchase now to see who wins!