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Zman vs Alexander - Halloween Havoc 2009A

$ 31.59

Deal of the Day!

You will see your classic wrestling holds like bearhugs, camel clutches, pile drivers, headlocks, body scissors, etc. Plus they used a whole lot of new moves never before seen. Alexander was a TNA wrestling star and Zman is the biggest mouth of the south so Alexander wasted no time in trying to shut him up with lots of flying kicks to the head, DDT onto a metal sheet, and even slamming Zman into a ladder! Zman doesn't just take it he starts to cheat big time with his own dirty tricks and even a few low blows. This is an all out war of hate as Alexander rips the decorations off the wall and starts to choke the life out of Zman with them, even smothering him with it. Still the worst part was when Alexander goes to work on destroying Zman so he will NEVER WRESTLE AGAIN! He tries to destroy Zman's knee in the most brutal fashion. Then finishes him off with metal sheets it's an ending you don't want to miss the destruction of Zman!