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Cameron Mathews vs Sirus - Halloween Havoc 2011

$ 30.00

There Will Be Blood!

WARNING: This match is brutal and may not be suitable for all viewers. Watch if you dare!!! Thunder's vet Cameron Mathews in his vampire costume is throwing a Halloween party. Rookie Sirus walks in wearing a vampire costume also. "I said I was gonna be a vampire. You can't show up to my party as a vampire if I'm a vampire!" Cameron dumps his candy on Sirus, "Let's settle this, vampire vs vampire. Trick or treat!" 
They lock up in a game of mercy. Cameron headlocks Sirus, "You're gonna have to change!" The rookie escapes and hammerlocks the vet, "Let's take this off, you're embarrassing!" He yanks Cameron's cape off and chokes him with it. Cameron retaliates with a vicious snapmare takedown, surfboard, and body scissors! Sirus screams in pain but recovers and low blows Cameron. "I got something for you!" He picks up the vet in a tight bearhug, but Cameron elbows Sirus's skull to break away. He rips off the rookie's costume and locks in a tight Boston crab. "Come on Mr. Vampire!" Sirus recovers and ball claws Cameron from behind. "No one can escape the claw!" Sirus head claws Cameron while Cameron ab and pec claws Sirus at the same time! Both wrestlers are in excruciating pain!  The rookie locks the vet in a crippling camel clutch. "You're still not gonna be a vampire when I'm done with you!" yells Cameron. Scissors, leg locks, ball claws, and choking! The back and forth action is non-stop! Nearby is a tub for bobbing for apples. Both wrestlers shove each other's head in the water trying to drown each other. Cameron drops an apple on Sirus's balls then clobbers him over the head with the apple! The rookie is in pure agony! Sirus recovers and low blows Cameron. He pulls the vet's arm between his own legs and stretches him in a tight ab stretch. "You're an evil vampire!" screams Cameron. 
Sirus grabs a cookie sheet and BEATS Cameron's head with it! He then delivers a PILEDRIVER driving the vet's skull into the cookie sheet. Cameron groans in pain! The sadistic Sirus grabs a meat cleaver and starts walking towards his victim, but Cameron kicks him in the balls. The veteran grabs the cookie sheet and repeatedly smashes the rookie's balls with it! Sirus is howling in pain. "There's one vampire at this party, and that's the champ!" Cameron puts his shirt back on. Sirus uses the distraction, BODYSLAMS Cameron, and grabs a fresh cookie sheet. "Take it easy. I was just kidding. You can be the vampire!" pleads Cameron. Sirus slams his head with two cookie sheets, bending them! 
The match turns brutal. If you are afraid, stop reading now! Duck taped hands, vicious gut punches, and punches to the face, someone starts bleeding from the mouth! An apple and pumpkin are used as weapons to cause physical harm and more blood! A figure four leg lock, TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER, and bite to the neck exposes one of these muscle men to be a real vampire! This Halloween match will go down in Thunder's history as one of the craziest action packed matches of all time. You will not believe your eyes!