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Brenden Cage vs Geo and Braden Charron vs Brenden Cage - Halloween Havoc 2012

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Brenden Cage vs Geo

In this first part of Halloween Havoc Brendan Cage returns as our Veteran to go up against Geo, who strolls into Thunders Arena looking for a fight. But he probably didn't think it was going to turn out the way it did. It all starts off with Brendan Cage waiting for Geo and once he finally arrives, Brendan Cage all right gets him into an uncomfortable state when he greets Geo at the door. After the awkward introduction, Brendan Cage takes Geo into the next room where they both start stretching and getting to know each other a little more. Brendan Cage does this by getting really close to Geo and checking out his amazing physique. Which makes Geo very uncomfortable from how Brendan is feeling up on him.

The fooling around with Brendan stops after a while and he sets up Geo for the first move and from there Geo quickly reverses out of the move and pins Brendan down on the mat showing how quickly he can move and dodge. This match up is filled with a whole lot of floor wrestling, gut punching, headlocks and leg holds.


Braden Charron vs Brenden Cage
In part 2 of the Halloween Havoc installment Brendan Cage takes on Braden Charron. Brendan Cage starts off by checking out his newest victim Braden. Braden is here and ready to wrestle as Brendan Cage feels up on his muscles, continuing to checking out Braden. Braden's ready to start things up and gets into a stance while Brendan continues to feel up on Braden's chest and arms. You can all ready feel Braden getting furious because he's just looking to wrestle and nothing more. Brendan stops all the touching and feeling for now and holds Braden in the stance until he flips around and swiftly takes off Braden's wife-beater because he really wanted to see his chest. Now Braden doesn't look to happy but then asks to see Brendan Cage's chest and he then proceeds to take off Brendan's shirt and they both stand chest to chest. Brendan Cage is smart and quick to grab a hold of Braden into a bear hug.This match gets even more intense later as these guys are taking off clothes and messing with the other guy while going in and out of different wrestling moves like back to back full nelson, test of strength and more. Find out who takes who out of the ring.