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Dominic vs Zman - Halloween Havoc 2013

$ 30.00

Lots of Halloween tricks and treats in this match with big Dominic the Dominator in a leather harness and gladiator wrist bands against Z-Man wearing a chain harness. Dom starts off the action flexing his massive body, which looks even hotter with a leather harness over his big, thick chest. When Z-man asks if Dom is ready to wrestle, Dom tells Z-man he doesnt need to be ready, he can show up anytime and dominate anybody he wants. But this match has more than a few dirty tricks by Z-Man which leave Dom on the mat in pain. Dom retaliates with his power and lots of dirty moves of his own. Plenty of choke holds with chains and leather straps follow as Dom and Z-Man use every dirty trick in the book to dominate and brutalize the other. There is lots of gut punching, flexing, dirty holds, whipping with leather and chains, some impressive over the shoulder back breakers by Dom and a few school boy pins. This is a dirty fight with lots of tricks by these two hunks. All of which are which are very hot treats to watch. Which one of these incredible wrestling hunks will make the other submit? Get the video to find out.