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Zman vs Red - Halloween Havoc 2013

$ 30.00

Anything goes in this incredibly hot match as Z man and Red use Halloween goodies like dog collars, chains, an ax, a night stick, a pumpkin, a sword and plenty of low lows and dirty tricks to beat each other into submission. It starts with some arm wrestling in front of a jack-o -lantern , which is smoking hot to watch as these two gorgeous hunks lay down to arm wrestle. Then Z-man suggests that the two studs put on dog collars and chain themselves together for a wrestling match. Red is up for it, saying he will make Z-man his bitch in a dog collar. Both of these guys are such tough competitors and seasoned wrestlers that neither have any hesitation to use the chain tying them together to brutalize the other guy. These guys get tied up, beaten, choked and dragged around with the chain. It even gets used for some dirty tricks. Neither one of these hunks holds back on any below the belt dirty moves either. Its Halloween hot to watch how mercilessly these two hunks dominate each other. You have to get this match to see how one of these guys uses a pumpkin to finish off the other. This match has a lot of nasty tricks but the whole thing is a hot, brutal, wrestling treat