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Specimen vs Dozer - Halloween Havoc 2014

$ 31.59

Two hugely muscled Halloween monsters, their big beefy bodies bulging under skin tight monster suits, take turns posing and strutting on the Halloween wrestling mat. They lock up and each of the massive monsters gets the other in a couple of vice like bear hugs, grunting and groaning with the exertion and the pain. One of the big beasts puts the other in an over the knee backbreaker, combined with some punches to the gut. Cradle and body scissors follow, with lots of flexing. One huge, powerful beast locks the other in a sleeper, his huge legs wrapped around the other monsters legs. A tombstone and Boston crab follow. As they exchange headlocks, each pulls off the others head covering, revealing that these two big Halloween muscle monsters are Skeleton and Mouth. As Mouth flexes in a huge double bi, Skeleton kicks him in the chest. Using his amazing power, Skeleton puts Mouths big beefy body over his shoulder, face down for a few painful bounces. To get out, Mouth punches Skeleton in the back and Skeleton goes down. When Mouth tries to lock on a hold, Skeleton pushes him off so powerfully that Mouth flies across the mat. With Mouth down, Skeleton strips off Mouths monster suit, leaving the big beefy muscleman looking awesome in a tight set of trunks. After a dirty shot by Mouth leaves Skeletons powerful body on the mat, Mouth strips off Skeletons bodysuit, leaving Skeletons amazing body in a skimpy poser. Now Mouth starts with the trash talk. He says Skeleton is like Lex, the tough little punk that Mouth easily demolished and humiliated in his last match. He tells massive Skeleton that he has puny ass little legs. Then Mouth wraps his massive thighs around Skeleton neck for a crushing scissors What do you think of that scissors? Big cocky Mouth does a double bi and calls Skeleton a little guy. But when they lock up again, Skeleton wraps his massive legs around Mouth in a scissors and asks Mouth What were you saying about legs, bud? An elbow shot to Skeletons chest breaks the scissors. Mouth gets Skeleton into another scissors and resumes with his verbal taunts, saying Im the real muscle around here and telling Skeleton that another, smaller opponent put up a better fight. Enraged at the comparison to Mouths total domination of his opponent in the previous match, Skeleton powers out and puts Mouth in a neck scissors. Mouth gets out by rolling over and then gets on Skeletons back for a headlock, followed by yet another neck scissors on Skeleton. As he squeezes his powerful legs, Mouth says Real Muscle. When the two get to their feet, Mouth tells Skeleton he is looking small. Skeleton responds with a foot to Skeletons stomach, followed by forearm smash that drops Mouth to the mat. Small huh? Skeleton asks. Skeleton gives Mouth another knee to the gut and a forearm smash to drop Mouth to the mat again. What you got to say? Skeleton taunts Mouth. When they lock up again, Mouth gets in a bear hug followed by a lift, carry and drop. Skeleton then charges into Mouth knocking him down. Skeleton puts Mouths big muscular body up against the wall and delivers a series of punches to his abs, with a knee thrown in for good measure. Despite the powerful blows to his abs, Mouth is unfazed and he lifts Skeleton off the mat with a two handed choke, drops him to the mat and puts him in a school boy pin. With his amazing raw power, Skeleton gets out of the school boy, lifts Mouth and drops him on his back. When Skeleton finally passes out from the crushing power of Mouths thighs, Mouth triumphantly puts his foot on Skeletons chest and gives a final double bi with his huge arms. This match is an amazing contest of power between two of the biggest, hottest, muscle hunks on the planet. Dont miss this Halloween treat.