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Frey vs Maveric - Halloween Havoc 2014

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

BIG vs Little Match

Two muscled up monsters stalk through the woods.They come in from the dark and onto a wrestling mat decked out for Halloween. One monster is much bigger than the other. The smaller one looks up and asks: Who are you? The big monster takes off his mask and says in a deep, intimidating voice, Im Pumpkin King. Who are you? I'm Zombie. The smaller guy says as he removes his mask, clearly intimidated by the massive size of Pumpkin King. After telling Zombie his is so little towering Pumpkin King says Youre scared, I can feel it. Zombie tries to appease the big powerful beast by offering him a pumpkin. But big monster Pumpkin King just mocks Zombies name, saying Frayed like a piece of string and telling Zombie that before Pumpkin King is done with him, Zombie will remember Pumpkin Kings name. Then the big beast begins his beat down, with a devastating chop to Zombies chest followed by a kick to the ribs. Pumpkin King demonstrates his awesome power with two choke slams. Get up the big monster of a man barks at Zombie. Zombie surprises the big beast with a dirty punch that brings Pumpkin King down in pain. Zombie pulls Pumpkin Kings skin tight costume down over his arms to immobilize him. With the enraged Pumpkin King yelling Let me out of this! Zombie puts Pumpkin Kings big body up against the wall and gives him a few gut punches. When Pumpkin King falls to the mat in pain, Zombie pulls Pumpkin Kings monster suit all the way off, leaving him in a tight camo square cut revealing his massive muscular body, which is almost more intimidating than the monster costume. Cocky Zombie tells the big man he underestimated him. The big man again tells Zombie he is little, which leads to some flexing by both of these muscular hunks. Pumpkin King brags about how sexy he is, then locks Zombie in a belly to back bear hug that almost crushes the smaller guys ribs. He throws Zombie down, puts his huge foot on Zombies back and pulls Zombies costume over his arms. Then Zombie gets a taste of his own medicine as Pumpkin King delivers some punches to the gut with his big powerful arms. Pumpkin King then strips off the smaller guys monster costume leaving Zombie on the mat in a pair of posers. Get up he barks at Zombie, eager to punish the little guy some more. Pumpkin King puts Zombie into a belly to back bear hug and then throws him down, asking How does it feel to be so little? Zombies wise guy answer earns him some more punishment at the hands of the big beast. With Zombie on all fours, Pumpkin King applies a headlock and and brutally punches Zombie in the ribs at the same time. Hurt? The cocky big man asks. When Zombie suggests a mercy challenge, Pumpkin King eagerly accepts. Pumpkin Kings incredible power is on display as he lifts Zombie off the mat by the arms. Zombie screams I give over and over.Pumpkin King continues his physical domination of Zombie by picking him up like a baby and dropping him over his knee for a backbreaker. Zombie again screams I give. Enjoying his punishment of Zombies muscular body, Pumpkin King roars with laughter and says You little guys are cute when you scream. Then he puts Zombie into another over the knee back breaker. Zombie gives once again. Humiliating Zombie, Pumpkin King asks, Gonna admit I am bigger and better? He calls Zombie string beanand tells Zombie hes got a small chest.Clever Zombie points at Pumpkin Kings chest and plinks him in the eye when Pumpkin King looks down. With Pumpkin King temporarily blinded, Zombie sneaks in an abdominal stretch that makes the big man give. Then Zombie quickly follows up with an over the shoulder backbreaker, using his impressive strength to hoist the massive Pumpkin King onto his shoulders, causing the big bully to give again. Dropping Pumpkin King to the mat, cocky Zombie picks up a pumpkin and slams it into Pumpkin Kings gut, causing him to groan in pain. Looking for more payback, Zombie uses the big pumpkin for a dirty shot, right into big Pumpkin Kings crotch. The big tough guy doubles up in pain, cursing the smaller Zombie and swearing revenge. Zombie just laughs and flexes over the disabled big man, telling him not to pick on little guys. Lots of hot tricks and treats in this big v little Halloween match up.