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Halloween Havoc 2015 - Frey vs Marco - NO HOLDS BARRED

$ 31.59


Frey vs Marco war continues in this special NO HOLDS BARRED version of our Halloween Havoc.  These 2 men hate each other and it shows as they try and see who can draw more blood in this insane and intense battle with dirty tricks and brutal abuse with weapons of various kinds. Frey’s dressed himself up as a badass biker with a spiked armband ready to cause some pain. Marco walks in, dressing himself up as a pirate. These two start with their trash talking, making fun of each others costumes, Frey throws some candy at Marco and these guys are ready to go. Frey’s all in character as his biker and he takes Marco down and starts to ride him like he’s his motorcycle. He begins crushing Marco in his legs and takes him down to a body scissors, and when Marco starts trash talking him, he starts gauging at his eyes! Marco rolls out of the hold only to be picked up into Frey’ massive arms in a bearhug, and then dropped down into a back breaker. Frey’s going all out against Marco and is seriously bringing the pain. He lets Marco go, and Marco starts to fight back. He gets Frey down onto the mat and start yanking him back into a painful boston crab. Frey doesn’t take well to being handled like that, he breaks free, picks Marco up and drops him down on his knee, picks him back up and slams him so hard against the wall that he rebounds back off onto the mat. While he’s laying there in pain Frey goes over to grab his arm spikes to start bringing the real pain to Marco. Frey’s got Marco held down on the ground and starts slamming the spikes into his body! Marco is screaming and writhing in pain and Frey is giving Marco absolutely no mercy. Time and again he slams those spikes into Marco’s chest and abs. As Marco is struggling against the pain, Frey strips down out of his leather jacket and starts to strangle Marco. Marco’s fighting trying to breathe when Frey brings the spikes back and starts digging them into Marco’s eye!! When Marco gets back up he’s actually bleeding from his eye! Frey isn’t done yet and he then slams his spikes so hard into Marco’s balls that they break! He throws his broken spikes away and is gloating over the struggling Marco when Marco is able to jump up and get a cheap crotch shot against Frey. Frey’s hurting, and starts to stand up when Marco comes out of nowhere with a cooking sheet to smack across Frey’s face. Marco is done being man handled by Frey and is pissed that he’s bleeding, he gets on top of Frey and locks him into a head scissors. He’s just sitting there crushing Frey’s face while thinking of how best to get back at him. He rolls Frey over to grab his pan and picks up the bundle of Frey’s broken spikes. Frey is yelling for him not to do it but Marco isn’t about to be nice after all the torture he was just put through. He starts digging those spikes into Frey’s abs, and after deciding that isn’t enough he goes for Frey’s eye as well. Now both guys are bleeding and Marco still isn’t done with Frey. What else does Marco have in store for Frey? Will Frey be able to retaliate and defeat Marco’s rampage? How much more blood will be spilled before this match comes to its conclusion?