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Halloween Havoc 2019 - Iceman18 vs Stallion

$ 31.59

What is the price of a perfect body? Behind the quest for good looks, the biggest muscles, and strongest physique lies a struggle to contain one's inner demons: narcissism, arrogance, perfectionism. Flexing their vanity and wrestling in the dark, the bodybuilders hide behind their secrets, but the light exposes the truth they fight to overcome. Face their demons in the light or bury them in the dark? The 28 min battle begins...

Bathed in darkness, a massive mercy challenge ERUPTS; bulging biceps strain under the intense pressure as the Italian giant collapses to his back! Quickly, Iceman18 pounces dragging him into a scissor/sleeper combo but struggles to contain the behemoth. Grunting in anger, Stallion breaks away mounting his prey and UNLEASHES his power while flexing: blows to the chest and abs, grueling leg stretch, a suffocating two-handed choke! Groaning in pain, the mountain of muscle tries ripping his victim apart limb by limb: TWISTING his arm nearly out of socket and tries BREAKING his ankle with a devastating ankle lock! Desperate to escape, the blonde beast summons enough strength to shove the 268 pounder across the den of despair only fueling his rage. Stallion hoists the vet up onto his boulder shoulder and POWERSLAMS him on his back, mounting his abs for more torture. Gasping for for air in a chokehold, Iceman18 gut punches the behemoth to break free, but it doesn't work. "Please don't do it!" begs the blonde beast; his cries muffled by the mask as the giant TWISTS his arm further and further. Light suddenly floods the arena freezing Stallion in his tracks. Face his demons or break his victim's arm? Distracted, Iceman18 grabs the muscle monster by the throat forcing him to his feet and trips him on his back as the darkness returns. Hungry for revenge, the blonde beast POUNDS the behemoth's abs and CLAWS his meaty pecs as he groans in pain. The light returns exposing Iceman18 as Stallion wraps his meathook hand around his throat throwing him across the mat! Laid out, the heavyweight mounts his prey crushing his throat with his meaty forearm as deep gasps expel from underneath the rainbow mask. The muscle monster delivers a CRIPPLING camel clutch then grabs Iceman18's arm between his own legs folding him over and tries breaking his hand! Pinned down in agony, the weakened beast hammers away at Stallion's meaty muscles with double fists, but he feels nothing clamping on a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors with his granite slab quads. The light returns as a thunderous smack to Iceman18's glutes causes him to rear up toppling the giant. Neither wrestler ready to face their demons, a power struggle begins. The blonde beast tries a TRIANGLE CHOKE, but the mountain of muscle picks him up with one arm slamming him into the ground nearly knocking him out! Back on their feet, darkness creeps in as Stallion wraps his prey in a tight rear bearhug and CRUSHING sleeper. His 20 inch bicep squeezes the air from his lungs as Iceman18 crumbles to the mat; his mask removed under the bright light. Waking up, a fire ignites the muscle hunk charging in wrapping the behemoth in a quick full nelson and tight sleeper. Desperate, Stallion swings back his arm trying to escape but collapses to his knees. His mask removed, the mountain of muscle goes limp falling on his face. Iceman18 flexes in victory, but his joy is short lived as the giant recovers with a brutal low blow! Neither titan backing down, both exchange RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhugs squeezing each other to the point of exhaustion. Enraged, Stallion barrels in for a two-handed choke and grueling fireman's carry SLAMMING the blonde hulk up and down on his boulder shoulders until a dirty trick drops him to his knees. Groaning in pain, Iceman18 chokes the big man yanking down his singlet and HAMMERS his gorilla sized chest with brutal forearm blows! The deafening sound of flesh hitting flesh sends chills down your spine as Stallion collapses to the mat gasping for air. Barely moving, Iceman18 drags the big man in a crushing standing head scissors taking his torturous hold down to the ground. Rage coursing through his veins, the behemoth breaks free yanking down Iceman18's singlet for blows to the chest and a vicious CHOKELIFT! Light floods the den of despair, and darkness is no more. No longer able to hide in the shadows, they must face their inner demons! Iceman18 collapses to the mat but finds enough strength to LEVEL the heavyweight with a vicious dirty trick. On his knees, the injured Stallion is dragged into a camel clutch/sleeper combo passing out in the tight embrace. "Stay down b****, I'm gonna torture you!" threatens Iceman18 running his hand down the giant's sweaty pecs and abs in total control. The blonde beast YANKS back Stallion's powerful pythons jarring him awake, chokes him with own arms, and kicks him face first to the ground! Things get down and dirty as the brutal battle heats up: tight sleeper, forearm blows to the back, torture rack, knees to the face and gut, ARM-BREAKING hammerlock, "I'm gonna break your wrist! I own you!" Blood-curdling screams lead to a horrific end as a broken pile of muscle is carried off into the darkness; their inner demons too much for them to handle!