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Halloween Havoc 2021A - Cason vs Jaguar

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

Cason and Bolt are looking through this year's Halloween matches deciding what they want to wear for their upcoming match. Jaguar walks through the front door and decides he wants to be part of the match. Cason and Bolt separate to go get ready for their match, but Jaguar stops Bolt before he can change and literally wrestles his mask away from him! When Cason notices that something looks different about Bolt, he wants to see behind the mask. Cason decides he doesn't care who he is wrestling and the two masked muscle studs tie up! Cason takes off his mask and wrestles Jaguar trying to remove his mask. Jaguar is not going to let that happen and fights off the power of Cason with a perfect technique. The two men struggle to gain an upper-hand rolling around intensely on the mat. Surprisingly, Jaguar keeps control of the match over Cason. When his mask comes off, Cason is surprised to see Jaguar. Both men keep a playful banter and continue to wrestle. Cason gives Jaguar a few gut punches before they drop back on the mat. With a mix of choke holds, leg scissors, banana splits, gut punches, headlocks, and pins the match goes back and forth. That is until Cason gets Jaguar into a BRUTAL CHOKE LIFT! After stomping on his opponent, Cason picks him up and drops him into a over the knee back-breaker stretching Jaguar out with no mercy. When Cason gets Jaguar into a tight figure four head lock, Jaguar fights to stay conscious. But it seems Cason simply cannot put him away. Will he have enough fight to do it?

Keep your eye out for the Bolt special feature at the end!