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Halloween Havoc 2021B - Rome vs Cason

$ 30.00

Run Time 27 min. 20 sec

Pumpkin King vs Skeleton Biker

Cason is not intimidated by Rome and the two Thunders Arena stars DO NOT GET ALONG! The action kicks off immediately with Rome overpowering Cason and working him over with gut punches, chest to chest bearhugs, choke lifts, full nelsons, side headlocks, and big power moves. Cason soon realizes that technical wrestling will not work on someone the size of Rome. He fights dirty with a low blow taking the much larger Rome down. But Rome can fight dirty too and returns the low blow. Rome continues controlling match with brutal holds and lifts. The match takes a turn when Rome gets a sharp pendant and begins to BRUTALLY CUT INTO CASON'S FACE! Blood begins to pour and Rome has no sympathy and continues beating the sh*t out of Cason and cutting into his face over and over. When Cason gets an opportunity, he grabs a huge wrench and repeatedly hits Rome over and over leaving large welts and marks into the bodybuilders back. He then SMASHES A CHAIR grabbing the wooden leg as a weapon! He swings but Rome catches the weapon and they fight over it. With BLOOD EVERYWHERE, Cason fights dirty with more low blows to take down Rome. Can Cason overcome the sheer size and power of Rome to take him out? Who is the real Pumpkin King this year?