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Hawk vs Meaty - Bodybuilder Battle 186

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Hawk 240 lbs vs Meaty 230 lbs 

Meaty is pumped and ready to take on all 240 lbs of Hawk! "I am going to TEAR YOU UP, HAWK." Meaty takes Hawk's thick neck and locks him up in a side headlock! Meaty smothers the bodybuilder up in his quads squeezing his head like a watermelon. Meaty refuses to let go of Hawk's muscles wrapping him up in a body scissors. Hawk cannot muscle out of Meaty's constricting quads and uses a low blow to break out! Using his only chance, Hawk wraps his 21 inch biceps around Meaty's throat. Meaty powerfully pulls Hawk's arms off of him. He traps him down in a schoolboy pin and flexes his popping muscles. Meaty slams his fists into Hawk's abs and smacks Hawk's ass leaving bright red hand prints tattooed on Hawk's skin! Meaty gets too cocky and lets Hawk get up while flexing. Hawk slaps on a rear sleeper before pushing Meaty into the mat grinding into him over and over. Meaty is not going to be humiliated flipping Hawk over his back and makes him tap out with a camel clutch!

After Meaty easily wins round 1, Hawk is fired up! He flexes in Meaty's face before manhandling him with a full nelson/ball claw combo! Meaty moans in pain and Hawk does not care at all! He shoves Meaty's head between his thighs and cranks his arm behind his back trying to pull it off! Hawk DOMINATES Meaty making him beg for mercy! Meaty gets angrier and angrier as Hawk humiliates him repeatedly. At this point, Meaty is furious! Meaty lifts the 240 lbs Hawk into the air and slams him into an over the knee backbreaker! He strikes Hawk's pecs with his open hands! You can hear the SLAP! over and over again! Can Hawk handle the torture?