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Hero vs Arkansas - Mat Wars 138

$ 31.59

Hero is warming up on the mat, ready to begin his match. Shirtless and in jeans, Arkansas enters "I need a hero.." Hero starts the action grabbing Arkansas by the throat and man-handling him into TORTUROUS holds and HARD power moves. All while flexing and showing off his defined muscles as only Hero can do. In all the action, Arkansas rips a hole in the inner thigh of his jeans. A thunderous slap across the face incapacitates Hero enough for Arkansas to take off his jeans and use them as a weapon to inflict damage back on Hero. The match switches gears as Arkansas begins his domination on Hero. The action changes once again when Hero throws a NASTY low blow on Arkansas. Arkansas doesn't like that and punches Hero right back between his legs. "How about those Hero balls?" Can Hero recover and stop Arkansas' path of domination? Or will Arkansas take the spot as the real hero of Thunders Arena?