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Hero vs Ashton89 - Custom Video Series 126

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Ashton89 is flexing for the camera when Hero walks in. Ashton89 just asks for a little admiration for his shredded gains. However, Hero is not having any of that and proceeds to ridicule Ashton89 attempting to humiliate him. Ashton89 volleys the insults from Hero proceeding to flex for the camera. When Ashton89 insists that he could beat Hero in a wrestling match, anger flashes across Hero's face and he lifts Ashton89 in a TIGHT bearhug. The strength of Hero takes over the match, as the two wrestlers go at. Hero takes a moment to inform Ashton89 that he has been getting some intel from a friend about how to make his bearhug stronger. Now informed on how to deliver more damage to Ashton89, Hero goes back on the attack with a bearhug making Ashton89 admit that he is wrong in every detail of their conversation. Hero takes his insults and humiliation one step further, lifting Ashton on his shoulders and makes him flex. After Hero is satisfied with squeezing the air out of Ashton and humiliating him, he decides to move to the mat room. Hero lifts Ashton89 over his shoulders and carries him to the mat and drops him down. Hero gets a bit cocky and decides he wants to talk directly to his friend at home through the camera, but his mistake costs him as Ashton jumps behind him and puts him in a sleeper hold. Hero fights out and continues to squeeze the air out of Ashton to the point of exhaustion. Hero decides to display his brute strength and lifts Ashton in a POWERFUL GORILLA PRESS before throwing him to the mat. He then lifts him up and put him up in ANOTHER GORILLA PRESS! After Ashton is still fighting, Hero proceeds to slap him across the chest and slam him into the garage door, before locking in a tight sleeper hold. Can Hero finish the job, or will Ashton89 prevail in a battle of mass vs. shreds?