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Hero vs Brix- Custom Video Series 111

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

A scandalous night of poker ignites a steamy STRIP WRESTLING match! Eliminated first in their poker game the night before, an angry Hero confronts Brix accusing him of cheating. "I want all my money back!" demands Hero. Brix denies it and stands his ground, so they decide to settle it on the mat with strip wrestling. Knockout your opponent, and they lose an article of clothing! On the mat, Hero flexes his rock-hard biceps warming up as the trash talk erupts into a quick tie-up. Brix SLAMS Hero down and locks in a sleeper. "All show, no go, those big muscles!" taunts Brix dragging Hero to his feet for a CRUSHING belly to back bearhug. His arms pinned down to his sides, Hero strains but breaks free locking in a sleeper of his own. "Got no tricks up your sleeves? Come on poker guy!" mocks Hero as Brix gasps for air before being let go. Hero flexes in victory as Brix sneaks up with a NECK-BREAKING full nelson taking Hero down for a tight sleeper. His beefy muscles struggling for oxygen, Hero begins to slump and passes out. The devious Brix peels off Hero's shirt and wraps it around Hero's throat CHOKING him on the mat, "Go back to sleep!" Desperate, Hero reaches around and flips Brix onto his back for a massive sleeper removing Brix's shirt in revenge. "You should have stuck to cheating; that's what you do best!" taunts Hero BURYING his foot in Brix's chest as he gasps for air. His ribs nearly broken, Brix screams in pain as Hero drags Brix into a guillotine choke and vicious torture rack. Brix's chiseled frame bends further and further over Hero's shoulders nearly SNAPPING in half as the ruthless Hero drops Brix on his face! Slowly, Brix struggles to his feet sending Hero crashing to the ground with a leg sweep, "I got a couple tricks for ya!" The brutal battle continues as punches to the ribs, a tight full nelson, grueling ab stretch, and BREATH-TAKING sleepers/submissions have both wrestlers fighting for the win and running out of clothes!