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Hero vs Brix - Rough & Ready 135

$ 34.75

A workout quickly turns into Hero's bootcamp of PAIN and TORTURE! The new rookie Brix interrupts Hero doing bicep curls, so he decides to teach him a lesson. Hero drops the heavy dumbbell in Brix's arms ordering him to pick it up and down not letting him stop. His veins about to burst, Brix STRAINS to hold the weight as the angry Hero rips it away tossing it to the mat. A massive choke-lift has Brix gasping for air and SLAMMED on his back! Hero continues his punishment ordering the rookie to do push-ups, but Brix barely lifts himself off the ground. "Is that all you got? You are pathetic!" yells Hero rolling the rookie over in a GROIN-BREAKING banana split. Brix screams in pain and is finally let go ordered to do sit-ups. His muscles failing, Brix struggles as Hero pounds his abs with gut punches and YANKS Brix's hair forcing him up and down in the torturous sit-ups. "Tighten up!" demands Hero mounting the rookie's chest. His beefy glutes inches from Brix's face, Hero HAMMERS the rookie's chiseled abs even harder! "No more!" pleads the injured Brix dragged to his feet in a guillotine choke. Hero releases his hold and LEVELS the rookie with brutal clothesline after clothesline nearly taking off Brix's head! "We're gonna make you strong one way or the other!" threatens Hero forcing his victim into more push-ups and jumping jacks. The exhausted Brix is wrapped in a powerful full nelson and taken down with a STUNNER almost knocking him out! Hero wraps his rock-hard quads around the barely breathing rookie in a skull-splitting head scissors as Brix pleads for mercy. His face turning red from the intense pressure, Brix tries to pry apart the viselike grip but collapses to his back. "You will never be strong!" taunts Hero lifting Brix in a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. Screaming in pain, the rookie crumbles on his back as the dominant Hero does push ups on top of Brix SMOTHERING the rookie's face with his beefy pecs! Struggling for air, Brix is left motionless. Hero flexes in victory; the sweat dripping off his rock-hard muscle. "I've had enough of you pushing me around!" threatens Brix returning to his feet ready for payback. A final test of strength and fight to the finish leads to a tight sleeper, crushing bearhug, double chicken wing, viselike headlock, and GLUTE SMACKING in this brutal bootcamp!