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Hero vs Dom9 - 4K07

$ 25.95

What secret rumor sparked this hot & steamy match of pain, domination, and intense muscle worship? "You're big, dude; been working out?" admires Dom9 rubbing Hero's beefy pecs while he flexes. "Go ahead, that's a real chest!" brags Hero. Dom9 whispers his secret rumor to Hero then wraps the shocked Hero in a surprise full nelson. Hero is pinned tight trapped as Dom9 worships Hero's abs and chest before taking Hero down in a headlock. On the mat, Hero's skull is squeezed between Dom9's tree-trunk quads; the muscle worship getting even hotter before a vicious head scissors has Hero groaning in pain. "You got some strong legs!" screams Hero; the blood quickly rushing from his brain. The dominant Dom9 releases his hold and mounts the injured Hero for a suffocating sleeper. "You having fun?" taunts the devious Dom9. Gasping for air, Hero is powerless to escape and passes out; his beefy muscles feverishly worshipped by Dom9. A pissed off Hero soon wakes up battling back with a front-facing skull-splitting head scissors of his own. Dom9 groans in agony struggling for air and is picked up in a crushing belly to belly bearhug shaken around before being let go. The mouth-watering muscle worship continues down on the mat, pinned against the wall, and even during a sexy flex off! A tight headlock, belly to belly bearhugs, groin-breaking banana splits, and smothering head scissors have Hero and Dom9 straining for the win!