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Hero vs Dom9 - Mat Rats 138

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

“Look man, I got some time – you wanna wrestle?”
Ah, frat boys, always talking about the latest chick, or the latest bench press, or who they're gonna hit up – but there's always an undercurrent of competition, of the need to wrestle and prove who is Alpha in the pack!  And so it is when Hero and Dom9 bump into each other at Thunder's – talk of conquests gives way to conquest on the mat, gives way to deep tissue massage?!  Hero and Dom9 agree to a wrestle to kill some time, but both are seriously distracted by the other's physique – they admire each other's gains and gym-honed physiques, both impressed by the other' muscle and dedication.  Suddenly Hero slams his flexed arm down onto Dom9, his HUGE triceps muscle bulging into Dom9's throat!  Dom9 protests, but Hero just calmly states that he's “trying to assert dominance” – bud Dom9 responds with some ‘shock and awe' of his own!  Hero's alpha nature comes to the fore as he rolls Dom9 over, mounting him in a flexing pin before smashing his meaty forearm down on Dom9's pecs!  Beefy bodies become entwined as the two gladiators go for each other with humiliating holds!  A Double stump-puller split from Hero is paid back with a DEVASTATING series of scissors from Dom9, eliciting both admiration and desperation from the bodybuilder!
“We're still having fun right?” Hero lets loose with a savage elbow to Dom9's pecs, followed by a back-breaking Camel Clutch!  But Hero isn't interested in a quick win – he's enjoying himself WAY too much for that!  Dom9 takes advantage, trapping Hero in another scissor and working the bodybuilder's biceps!  Dom9 presses home, THROWING the big man across the mats!  Then Hero hurls the ultimate insult you can throw at a gym boy – “Did you put on some weight?”  Oh man, Dom9 does NOT take that in good humour at all!  Suddenly, things aren't so friendly as Hero shoves Dom9 to the floor.  Sleeper holds, chokes, hammer locks and crotch lifts are just some of the tools these boys use to ‘assert their dominance.'
The view switches to POV as Hero flexes over Dom9, proclaiming himself to be “one of the best” as he pumps his biceps for his admiring audience.  Hero starts using Dom9 as his own personal massage machine!  Fans of muscle worship will eat this up!  Close up views of Hero's rock hard muscle as he pumps and flexes forDom9 – and for you!  But will Dom9 accept his role with Hero as the Alpha?  Or does he have one final trick up his sleeve…