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Hero vs Duke - BattleSpace 144

$ 31.25

An argument over push-ups and Pop-Tarts erupts into an all-out BRAWL! Hero warms up on the mat doing push-ups as Duke watches and eats Pop-Tarts. "I got way more abs than you!" taunts Duke. Furious at the disrespect, Hero confronts Duke sparking a push-up competition and flex off. "Don't block my spotlight!" orders Hero wrapping Duke in a CRUSHING guillotine choke. Gasping for air, Duke is forced to his knees as an elbow to the back sends Duke crashing down. "You're gonna learn the hard way!" threatens Hero locking in a CRIPPLING camel clutch. Stretched to his limits, Duke groans in pain and struggles to his feet. The devious Hero offers Duke a towel to wipe his sweat but wraps it around Duke's throat CHOKING him down to the mat. Nearly passing out, Duke breaks free delivering a sleeper of his own as Hero fights to get away. The back-and-forth action continues with a Boston crab, crushing headlock, shoulder carry, tight full nelson, and RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. Duke slams Hero to the mat and mounts his chest pinning Hero's biceps down with his knees. A vicious dirty trick has Hero howling in pain, but he breaks free locking Duke in a TORTUROUS head scissors/arm-bar combo. "Flex those abs now!" taunts Hero as Duke screams in pain barely escaping. Wanting revenge, Duke wraps Hero in a guillotine choke, but Hero drops to his knees lifting Duke upside down on his back. A SHOCKING move sends one wrestler over the edge as all hell breaks loose! Forearm blows to the abs, tight sleeper, PILEDRIVER, chokelift, and crushing belly to belly bearhugs end in a brutal knockout!