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Hero vs Eagle - Quarantine 2020C

$ 25.95

Dripping sweat, bouncing pecs, and bulging muscles...this match includes a PRIVATE video of the wrestlers running, lifting weights, and flexing their rock-hard muscle for your enjoyment!

A friendly workout erupts into an ALL-OUT BRAWL over toilet paper and hot wings! The wrestlers train their shredded abs when Hero confronts Eagle for stealing his toilet paper during the quarantine. Not backing down, Eagle confronts Hero for not paying for his hot wings. Tempers flare as both wrestlers stand toe to toe demanding to be paid! Hero snaps and begins CHOPPING Eagle's chest harder and harder before Eagle breaks away delivering a crushing belly to belly bearhug. "Pay me!" groans Hero struggling to breathe tossed down to the mat. "How about you pay me!" orders Eagle wrapping his rock-hard bicep around Hero's throat in a tight sleeper. A power struggle begins as Hero is dragged into a RIB-CRACKING body scissors. Eagle's quads of steel dig in deep as Hero screams in pain barely escaping. His blood boiling, Hero unleashes his power with a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors and sharp elbows to the ribs leaving Eagle laid out gasping for air. His victim helpless on the mat, Hero climbs a weight bench flexing his bulging biceps and BODYSPLASHES Eagle over and over! "I heard eagles like to fly; that's good cuz Eagle's gonna go flying!" taunts Hero dragging the injured Eagle to his feet for more torture. The dominant Hero jumps on a pull-up bar for a bicep pump and wraps Eagle in a MID-AIR HEAD SCISSORS lifting him up and down. Powerless to escape Hero's tightening quads, the motionless Eagle passes out and crumbles to the mat. Still wanting his money, Hero HAMMERS Eagle awake with forearm blows to the back sending Eagle into a rage! Back on his feet, Eagle slams Hero to the mat with an over-the-shoulder takedown and mounts Hero's chest pinning his biceps down with his knees. Groaning in pain, Hero's chiseled abs are POUNDED away with brutal gut punches as Eagle climbs the weight bench delivering a thunderous bodysplash of his own. The non-stop action continues as a tight sleeper, sharp knees to the ribs, skull-splitting standing head scissors, and MEATHOOK CLOTHESLINE lead to a crushing end. Time for someone to pay up!