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Hero vs Jaguar Gut Punching Extravaganza - Custom Video Series 113

$ 25.95

WARNING: So much real gut punching, the guys couldn't film any more matches that day and canceled filming the next day to heal up!

It's shredded abs and HARD-HITTING action in Thunder's first ever Gut Punch Extravaganza! Hero tells Jaguar to take the dog out, but he refuses sending Hero over the edge. "I do what I want! What are you gonna do about it?" taunts Jaguar mocking Hero's hair. His blood boiling, Hero strikes first with gut punches then challenges Jaguar, "Go ahead, get some shots in; show you what a rock feels like!" Jaguar leans in close; his MMA fighter fists JABBING faster and faster against Hero's abs. Hero struggles for air as the speedy Jaguar jumps on the couch for a MID-AIR gut punch sending Hero flying backwards. The back-and-forth intense gut punches continue; Hero breaks away with a tight full nelson and chokes Jaguar into the wall POUNDING his abs harder and harder. Jaguar groans in pain crumbling to the ground as the devious Hero stomps and walks on Jaguar's injured abs using him as a human doormat! Desperate to escape, Jaguar FLIPS Hero to the ground as the gut punch battle continues from room to room. Hero and Jaguar slam each other around on furniture using pillows as weapons to inflict more pain. A flying elbow drop sends Jaguar crashing to the ground and pulled straight into a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors. "Come on tough guy, tear your head off!" threatens Hero squeezing his quads of steel tighter and tighter. The blood rushing from his brain, Jaguar groans in agony as Hero HAMMERS Jaguar's abs in the torturous hold before he escapes. Their shredded abs on fire from the brutal assault, Hero and Jaguar head to a PITCH-BLACK room where a vicious beating leaves one wrestler down for the count! "You're in my world now!" threatens the attacker waking up his victim for more pain. A RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug battle, tight sleeper, over-the-knee back breaker, elbow drop, and fierce gut punches leave Hero and Jaguar breathing hard and heavy ending in a SHOCKING knockout!