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Hero vs Kasee - Vegas Battles 85

$ 25.95

A hotel room gets turned upside down in this BRUTAL battle for the top! Steel and Kasee are hanging out when they are interrupted by Hero. "Who are you? Come out of nowhere trying to act like you're one of us!" yells Kasee. "Don't know where you've been, but if you check Thunders, I'm the star, latest and greatest!" flexes Hero. Tempers flare as Steel leaves; Hero slams the door shut ready for a fight. Kasee sits in the chair running his mouth as Hero grabs Kasee's feet BENDING his toes apart trying to break them! Screaming in pain, Kasee begs for mercy; Hero finally lets go and wraps his bulging bicep around Kasee's throat in a sleeper. "Talking smack? You ain't doing that when you got a star like me!" threatens Hero. Kasee struggles for air as Hero yanks off his shorts, pulls Kasee's shirt over his head, and CHOPS his abs harder and harder! Angry, Kasee recovers and gets up but is chokelifted into the wall. The dominant Hero laughs as Kasee gasps for air crumbling to the ground. "I think you're all talk! Trying to be the new star, when you know that I'm the real star here!" taunts Kasee back on his feet flexing in Hero's face. His blood boiling, Hero grabs Kasee by the throat, SLAMS him down in the chair, and sits on top of Kasee crushing him! "This is what the people want!" flexes Hero with a rock-hard double bicep. Desperate to escape, Kasee tries a full nelson but can't connect and is dragged to the floor. Hero sits in the chair wrapping his quads of steel around Kasee in a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors! Kasee's eyes roll back as he screams in agony powerless to escape. Hero squeezes tighter and tighter as Kasee grows limp and passes out. The battle for Thunders' top star heats up with Kasee being woken up and dragged to his feet for a RIB-SHATTERING belly to back bearhug! Gasping for air, Kasee is shaken around and tossed down barely able to get back up. A flex off has both wrestlers comparing size with Kasee admiring Hero's muscle. Playtime is over as Hero SMOTHERS Kasee's face with his rock-hard bicep tossing him to the ground! "I was just playing around bro!" pleads Kasee barely moving. Pillows and an ottoman become weapons as body scissors, hair pulling, and head scissors end in a VICIOUS knockout! A shirtless Steel returns for for one final surprise.