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Hero vs Mark Muscle - Mat Rats 136

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Hero has finally gone too far and faces the fight of his life in this hot and heavy match! "Get over here!" orders the raging Mark Muscle on the hunt for the disrespectful Hero. Mark Muscle catches Hero and wraps him up in a tight headlock. "I didn't mean to!" groans Hero begging for mercy. The 300lbs muscle giant lifts Hero in a back-breaking belly to belly bearhug; his powerful pythons digging in deeper and deeper. Hero screams in pain and crumbles to the mat as Mark Muscle flexes his rock-hard biceps. The back and forth bearhugs continue before Mark Muscle strikes with a torturous ab claw. Hero's shredded abs are nearly ripped apart before he escapes with elbow shots to Mark Muscle's abs. The fierce battle continues with two massive mercy challenges. Both wrestler's biceps strain under the intense pressure as they try ripping each other apart! Hero breaks away first and takes the 300lbs muscle giant down in a tight full nelson. His strength quickly fading, Mark Muscle suffers blows to the body, a crushing body scissors, camel clutch, and brutal Boston crab. The dominant Hero flexes and orders Mark Muscle to muscle worship his rock-hard body before the devious behemoth strikes with dirty tricks. Pissed off, Hero recovers and delivers a flying kick taking the big man down! The beefy bodybuilders pin each other tight and roll around the mat in a fierce battle for control. A tight sleeper, arm bars, torturous stretches, and a skull-splitting head scissors lead to a devastating end! What did Hero do to ignite this intense showdown? You gotta see it to find out!