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Hero vs Mercury - Vegas Battle 77

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

An argument in the bedroom ERUPTS in bearhugs, sleepers, and a world of pain! Angry, Hero orders Mercury to get out of his room. "Make me!" taunts Mercury ready for a fight. Leaving the upstairs bedroom, Hero and Mercury battle in RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhugs; their grunts and groans get louder and louder as they CRASH into walls and head down the stairs. "I told you to get out; next time you'll listen!" threatens Hero lifting Mercury in a shoulder carry slamming him onto the mat. Laid out on his back, Mercury gasps for air; his shredded abs are STOMPED by Hero's foot as he's wrapped in a tight sleeper. "Come on; you can get out of that!" coaches Loki. Not letting up, Hero transitions to a brutal dragon sleeper STRETCHING Mercury out as he screams in pain ready to rip apart. His strength fading, Mercury begins to grow limp and passes out. Loki uses Thunder the dog to wake Mercury up sending Hero into a rage. A quick tie-up has Mercury lifting Hero in a fireman's carry SLAMMING him around as he groans in pain, "My ribs!" Mercury continues his revenge with a tight full nelson, belly to back bearhug, and back-breaking Boston crab. His blood boiling, Hero struggles to his feet and LEVELS Mercury to the ground with a massive clothesline nearly taking off his head! Hero mounts Mercury's chest wrapping his rock-hard quads around Mercury's skull. The intense pressure builds as Hero slaps his quads SQUEEZING tighter and tighter putting Mercury to sleep, "That's two!" It's Thunder the dog to the rescue helping Mercury wake up again sending Hero over the edge! Hero drags Mercury into a dragon sleeper, CHOPS his shredded abs, and stretches Mercury out pulling back on his neck and leg! Nearly broken in half, Mercury submits collapsing to the mat. Scrappy joins in the audience as a challenge is made for the winner to get a special prize. A scissor/sleeper combo, head scissor/arm-bar, shoulder carry, and sleeper battle leads to a grueling fight to the finish. Wanting a piece of the action, Scrappy and Loki get involved causing complete CHAOS!