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Hero vs a Mystery Wrestler???- Mat Rats 135

$ 25.95

It's put up or shut up as a new rookie faces a brutal Thunder's tryout! Hero returns from the gym with an eager prospect ready to throw down. "Let me show you a few moves; see if you got what it takes!" challenges Hero. The wrestlers tie up as Hero wraps the rookie in a tight full nelson dragging him down to the mat. Mystery wrestler groans in pain and strains to escape when Hero transitions to a crushing belly to belly bearhug. His powerful pythons digging in deep, Hero shakes the rookie around before slamming him into the wall. A fierce lesson in gut punches has both wrestlers breathing hard and heavy trying to destroy each other's abs. Not backing down, Hero and mystery wrestler lock up in a tense bearhug battle fighting for control. Hero powers out and takes the rookie down in a vicious body scissors; his quads of steel squeeze tighter and tighter as the rookie gasps for air. "You gotta earn your name around here!" taunts Hero before releasing his hold. Mystery wrestler is barely to his feet as the torturous tryout continues. A brutal fireman's carry, over-the-knee back breaker, and tight sleeper has the rookie struggling to recover. "I'm done with your s**t!" threatens the enraged mystery wrestler charging in for an attack. A steamy showdown erupts as the wrestlers roll around in tight pins, painful holds, and mount each other battling for control. One wrestler is sent crashing into the garage door barely able to move as the torturous tryout concludes. Will it be pass or fail for the new recruit? Find out today!